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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Think long and hard on what you are passionate about, often people can be confused or misled, then try to find the best school for your money and go for it, give 100 percent and no one can get in the way of your dreams, not the economy, not your family or freinds, just stay focused and never stop doing what you is too short not to get the best out of it, so stay educated and keep smiling , life is grand... thanx DT


Go when you are ready to learn.


if your not passionate enough, or don't want to work for something that you really want, then please save yourself the debt and don't go to college. There are plenty of other institutions out there such as trade schools, and even a growing online presence. Remember that we are in the INFORMATION AGE, and therefore you should be able to find helpful information you need from websites, online communities, forums, chat services, or even from people around you in your environment. the information is there, for those who crave it.


FInd someplace where you want to learn, not just that has a mass of awards. College is about you and what you want to do with your life.


Do your research and find the best program that goes toward what you want to do, don't settle because it's easy. Reach for the stars as they say because in the long run you'll be happy you did. Also once your there, don't be afraid to get out there, try something new, something different. It may be a little scary but you'll enjoy the experiance a lot more if you do and you'll grow and learn more about yourself.


Choosing the right college is no easy feat. Each student has their own potential, interests, and goals. The parents should support their children during this transitional time by providing emotional support and encouragement and assisting in any questions or research their child may have about the collegiate future. The student should maintain a mature attitude and make sure the colleges they consider attending are for the right reasons.


I suggest that students and parents look for the best school for their particular major. The school should have plenty of classes that relate to their major. The school should have teachers that have been in the industry in which they are studying. Do the research on the school and the teachers. It is important to not rush into anything; think it through and talk it out with your parents. Go look at the campus, meet the teachers and faculty. Think of this as the most important investment you will ever make. It is also important to be deeply committed to learning. Once you?re in school, learning is the most important. For students, your goal should be getting good grades, studying hard, graduating, and getting a good career so you can pay off those loans. The last thing that students should realize is that determination is key. Never give up and don't let anything get in your way of your goal.


It is imost mportant to allow yourself flexibility. Accept that you might make the wromg choices, and you won't neccessairly have everything you need to know to choose the perfect college. Be able to recognize if you're in a place where the wrong things about the school outweigh the right things for you and figure out ways to repremand this situation. The hardest part is realizing and accepting that you might not be doing what you thought you wanted. There are really only two important issues when you choose the right college: being challenged and satisfied in your academic pursuits and being happy in your life, both in and out of class. Nothing compares to being so excited about a class that you willingly spend your free time pursuing the topics outside of the classroom. Good teachers and academics promote this and what students say about the quality of classes and instructors at a particular college should be taken into consideration.


Make sure you obviously tour the school not really for the campus but for the people. The people are who will make or break your experience. If you just don't fit it you just wont be happy. Make sure they offer things you like too like clubs, sports, also make sure the surrounding location is nice.


College costs a lot of money, and is a real privilege to be able to attend one. You need to know what you want to do with your life, and find the college that will help you reach your goals. Do your research. When you get into college you need to work, and I mean WORK. I think that a lot of college students these days take their education for granted and there for don't get the most of what is being offered to them. I come from a lower middle class family that is unable to provide for my tuition so I get by with private loans. It was a hard decision to come to Academy of Art University becuse of the financial burden, but because I have, and because it is my dream to be a professional artist I try my best every day.


The first time I heard about the Academy of Art, it was in the commercials but that only made me look it up. It had courses I was interested in so I had the school in mind but I thought I was most likely to attend a junior college then transfer to a university. When I mentioned the Academy of Art University a lot of people I know told me how good it was and than I had more interest in it. So my advice for finding the right college is to first research on what you?re going to study. Get a list of idea on what colleges your thinking of attending. Then get some word for people to see if the college your thinking of attending is good no matter if it?s a University or Junior College. After that, get some information and go to the campus to get a tour and more information from the students and faculty. Attending a school just for you can be hard but if you have good racecourses and luck you may achieve the first step on getting a career that's choosing the right school to get you there.


Mske sure the college has a variey of classes, and isn't focused on one degree.


I would tell parents to listen to their children and allow them to choose their own paths in life. They are the ones who will attend the school so they need to find one that will make them comfortable in the surrounding. Parents should allow their child to enjoy those experiences and be sure that they do but also keep that eagle eye on them at a distance.


I would recommend researching and visiting as many schools as possible before making your final choice. Really make sure it is the right school for you. Even ask people who went to a school, or people who know of people who went to a school, what they thought aboutit or what they got out of it,


They have to emphasize to their children that the choice they make for finding the right college has to be the right choice because that's going to be their life for a while, and changing their mind in the future will be a problem because they will have to start over from scratch.


Trust your child and know they are going there to better themselves, To become A better person like you always wanted to be. Let them decide on what type of enviorment they want to be in, because it differ amongst people.


Don't settle. find what you want.


There are three simple rules to choosing a college: 1) Location/Economy of the surrounding area 2) The mood of the students there (do they look happy, sad, stressed) 3) The reputation of the teachers


First off, make sure that the college is going to offer an great overall life-learning experience--academics, social, cultural etc... Also, the school needs faculty and staff that are enthusiastic and eager to work with students and parents to provide the best possible learning experience. The money factor is always an issue too. How much is the school going to cost in regards to the education being recieved is the key factor. If the education is deemed worth the cost, then the student's hard work and dedication will make it worth it--ultimately paying off the costs with a high paying, rewarding and fulfilling career. There are loans (private banks and government based) that are offered to help students and parents pay for secondary education. In the end, it boils down to the student: hardwork, dedication, motivation and persaverance are all needed to achieve success. Nomatter the cost of college, if a student has these qualities and embeds them into his/her schooling experience, the focal point of payment for the schooling should be seen not as more bills, but rather as a great investment.


Take your time, life isn't a race and a good education shouldn't be either.


Being the first in my father's family to have gone to college, I would definitely have to say this, of course: It's not easy. And now that I've made clear of the obvious, I can mention that the fact that the difficulty is what makes college invigorating. There may be a lot of work involved, and studies tend to gnaw into the early hours-- but when you find something you want to do, something that you know is a part of your life, and you get to involve yourself with it every time you wake up...your motivation hits the walls, and you keep going, you keep learning for the sake of that dream. And what's best is, it's actually fun.


I think that both parents and students need to start looking at colleges well before the senior year of high school. There is so much to do and so many things to find out. I think that you need to look at location, the teachers, the subjects, the requirements and of course the cost. Many kids think that they can wait to the final semester of high school and decide everything then - and they do. I started looking for colleges that taught animation during my junior year and read about them on their web sites. In hindsight, I wish that I had visited many more schools and talked with students that were studying there and with the professors that taught the classes I was interested in. It is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your entire life and I think we enter into it much too casually. Of course, luckily I feel that so far my decisions have worked out pretty well but who knows what I might have discovered if I had checked out more colleges. Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this scholarship.


meet everyone you can


Visit the school and be open minded




I would take advantage of campus tours prior to applying. Talk to students and faculty on your tour to see if the Academy is the right fit for you!


First of all my advice to parents is to listen to your son or daughter, what you want for them might not be what is right for them. Not all children are destined for Harvard or Yale though it would be nice, but then it would not be as special. It is important to learn their strenghts. I discovered that I had a passion for everything film my last year of high school. I could never be entertained by history and I was terrible at math, but listening to the teacher describe the different parts of the camera was fascinating to me. Had I gone to a different school I probably would not have done so well. Students i'd advise you to think hard about your future and what you want to do. My mother was not to keen on my going to the Academy of Art she, like most parents wanted me to be a doctor. I had to follow my dreams though and eventually she accepted it. I am now a film student and could not be happier. My Daddy told me this, "Do something you love, and you will never work a day in you life."


Well, im not gonna sit here and write a damn essay... All the advice i can say is to not come to the Academy of Art...TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!! and a pain in the ass....


Visit each college you are intrested in. Live in student housing your first semester you'll make a lot of new friends and learn a lot about you self. It may not be the idea living experince but it will be worth it.


pursue your dreams and find the school that will cater to it. be flexible and be conscious of your time. its overwhelming to have complete independence and it can get to your head. never forget that your in school to work towards your future. you can party all you want once you've got college under your belt. in the mean time, party hard, but work harder. As for the parents, this is your child's chance to spread their wings. let them do so. they will succeed either way. and if they fail, they've got to learn to pick themselves back up. if youre always there to kiss their boo boos, they'll never grow.


When narrowing down colleges, make sure you have gotten the chance to visit all of the likely candidates, and choose whichever you feel will accomidate you best, educationally and socially. Keep in mind this is where you will be living for the next four or so years. Remember, however, that finding you are not happy with your choice is not the end of the world. In fact, more students transfer from other colleges than you think. Most importantly, make sure to have fun in college, because you are going to want to look back and have good memories of the most expensive investment you will ever make. But also remember why you are there. If you didn't want to do anything with your life, then you wouldn't be wasting your money on going to school. Constantly remind yourself of your goals, get inspired about what you need to get done now to help you in the future. Know that the amount of work you put in is the amount you get back in the end, and if you think you haven't yet found your calling, expect that it will come to you when you least expect it.


compare each one, and know what your major is.


Make sure you visit the college and ask a lot of questions. Explore your options.


If you love art and you are passionate about it. This school helps you perfect it..


Find out, and make sure you know what you want. Then go for it.


Make sure that you vissit the school before you vissit. Talk to an academic advisor so that they break down the degree schedule, as it is lengthy and will talke more time and money to complete if you dont understand it. Talk about money, money, money, it is not cheap to live and go to school here.


The most important thing to do to find a college that fits you well is do a lot of research about the college you want to go or have an interest in. Best way to do so is talk with the students there or pass students and especially the ones with the same major you are in or interested in gett into. Don't forget to check out the cost of the school and how much each classes os worth. those lab fees are tricky. Also check if they offer financial aid.


Know what you want to get in to and if you don't know that yet see what intrest you first befor getting in to any college. Picking the college that will look good on an aplication will not be good for you if its not right for you. Find on ethat has almost every thing you need to make it feel like a place you want to spend up to the next 4 years of your life at. pick the right college not the popular one, you will be failing yourself.


My current school is my second school, i actually transfered to Academy of art university. This is the mistake that i made. I didn't go to a school tour and decided depended on scholorship and the distance. I strongly recommand to people to choose college, not depends on the distance, costs nor information you've got from your friend. When you have a sepecific college that you wanted to go, then first you visit school and see if you like them. Second, financially, i am getting loans and also getting a grant from government. If you need money, there are ways to get plenty of money that can support you to go to college. Third, you can always transfer school if you don't like the school. As i told you earlier, the choice i made was perfect for me. I am so enjoying my campus life and school life togather and also like teachers and environment. Those who are going to college soon, wish you the best luck!!!:)


The easiest thing is to visit the campus and ask the administration some questions, and then take those same questions and ask several students. See how their answers compare and you want to interview mostly students from the same major your child is seeking.


Just remember to follow your heart and to do what truly makes you happy.


Try very hard to get into the college you want to go to. Go to the one that will gain you the most respect.


I would suggest that no matter how far away the school is, it is important that you go where you want, and where you'll recieve the best possible learning experience. Also, you need to be open to change and just know that everything will work out.


Follow your instincts and work hard no matter where you choose.


This school is sketchy with money. If your kid wants to go to art school look somewhere else.


College is expensive. and if your willing to pay the money you better be willing to put in the work. Trust your children to become adults when they leave home, and be willing to ask for help when you need it if your the student. You can't do everything alone so open up to nex experiences, people and take it all in.


Visit as many colleges as you can. (don't over do it, but visit them and talk to other students).


Though it's a hard feat at our early age as students, all I can say is this: know yourself and take your time. It's easy to make rash decisions in order to keep a leg in the competition that seems to continously surmount as we age, but I find it might be equally as detrimental when it comes to future success. I stayed behind and attended community college while a lot of friends went away. Shortly after high school I studied abroad in Britain. Both of those experiences helped me cultivate good student ethic, and opened my eyes to how grand life can be. I would suggest the same for anyone. Time and travel. (Not time travel.) These early years will inevitably be the hardest because they're the years that are the most uneven and least sercure. I think it's wise to sacrifice things right now (and stick with being your proverbial 'starving student'), to really focus on yourself as a person, your experiences, and what you want out of life. Life may be short, but it's the longest thing you'll ever do. Don't you want to do it right?


It is scary starting new in college, but usually it?s the same format like all the other previous schools. The dorm life is very appealing, you live next to school, it is easier to make friends, and you have everything you need right next to the campus. But if you don?t have the money to pay both tuition and housing you might want to consider paying for a place outside of town with a form of transportation. Make sure you have an organized schedule, don?t waste so much time doing unnecessary things like watching television, browsing the internet, or going to parties. From time to time it?s okay but get down to business when you get a workload. To sum it all up, find a college which feels comfortable, make sure you go to open houses or tours so you can view the school, put your schoolwork first before any other activity, be open-minded and confident when starting a new year, and have fun learning new things. My first year of college was great because of how much I have grown and learned. It is shaky at first but it does get easier.


I would suggest taking life one year at a time, and not to expect perfection from the student. I would also suggest finding a University that offers a variety of majors so the student can dabble in everything, then decide where they want to head with their lives. Also, make sure that the student knows that if they want something bad enough, nothing can stop them, so even if you cannot afford the tuition, help them find a way!

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