Academy of Art University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone looking for a free environment to express their artistic dreams in a diverse and supporting environment.


A hard working, pationate self driven student should attend this school because yes it is a lot of work but you have to find the drive within yourself that you can do it if you put your mind to it.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who is creative, hard working, and driven. You also have to be able to take critique. Though this is an art school the people who do the best aren't the most talented or skilled, they are the people who listen and adjust, the one's who buckle down and do the work.


Some one who is motivated and determend to achieve the highest level of education. A person who will take advange of the opportunities avaible to its students.


The academy is perfect for creative-minded individuals who long to gain the knowledge and skills that they need to succeed in a career in art. The programs combine art and business, which allows a student to channel their creativity into a specific field that will land them jobs outside of graduation.


Its an art school so its mainly for artistic students or students with a strong sense of art, style, creativity, and looking for inspiration. However, not everyone has to be artistic, it would help, as skills like programming and advertising can play a role. Also, this school works with two types of artistics: the visual ones with skills in physical art and design (fashion, fine art, illustration) and the technical side that tests one skills of using various software and computer programs (game programming, animation, web design) all to make art.


The type of person that should attend the Academy of Art University is someone who has a wonderful imagination and is creative. Someone who enjoys the spotlight but in eager to learn what happens behind the scene. A person who has a strong knowledge in computers would be a huge help in many of the degree programs they offer.


A hardworking artistic student who has plans to become a design professional


Anyone with a positive attitude and someone who wants to pursue a career in art should attend Academy of Art University. The individual must be determined and let no body step in their way. The individual must be smart and willing to do the assigned lessons, tests, and attend class every single day. If an individual wants to do it so badly to attend this college they must always stay focus on their goals. It want be a piece of cake but studying hard makes the work easier. Somehow this individual will make it, graduate from college with a job.


Someone who is self-motivated would do well at this school. I am attending classes online and it requires a lot of disapline and self-motivation. However with the right attitude and time management students can succeed.


If you love to create and have a great appreciation for the arts then the Academy of Art University is a great school.


I feel as though; the character of a person that plans to attend the Academy of Art University needs to be prohibitively motivated and ambitious. Students should also have a good work ethic; College isn’t easy no matter what university a student may choose attend. But most importantly Academy of art university Students should be creative, and artistic. There is a quote that “Dreams will always be dreams unless we have the courage to pursue them.” - by Walt Disney. Those encouraging words inspired me to pursue my dreams, in hopes of one day making my creative visions a reality.


Only artists and people driven for success should attpempt this school. It is very demanding and expensive.


A very dedicated, creative minded person.


A pesron with a strong ambition, drive and dedication. With heart to learn and share their craft with their peers but more impotantly to our world of today! A student has to want to be here, our school has an open enrollment, so anyone can come, but not every one stays.


The kind of person that attends this school should be one that really likes their major. All you do is focus on your major and nothing else. The amount of homework that you get is a lot and if your not dedicated you wont make it. You also have to be patient and willing to do you homework all day and night.


The kind of person that should attend Academy of Art University is one who sees the world through their own eyes and wants to share their experiences with the rest of the world. They should be somebody who is not afraid to showcase their talents and who they are as an individual and embrace the beauty in the ordinary.


I think that anyone who wants to learn more about the world and issues outside of their community should attend Academy of Art University. Anyone who attends AAU must be open minded and willing to work with others who may not share the same values, this person must also want to listen to every opinion without judgment even if they do not agree. A person set that their "ways" are the only right ways to live should not attend my university, because it would be a waste of their time and everyone that they encounter, because they will learn nothing.


Anyone with a passion and the determination to go somewhere in life. If you believe in yourself you can make anything happen and this school will assist you in the proccess. The Academy of Art Institute will provide you with the tools and make you work for what you want in life. They have many different aspects of art and have been very helpful guiding me toward my dreams.


The kind of person who should attend this school is one who is focus and driven for what they are passionate about. This person must be open-minded to learning all they can, and must be able to know and plan out the classes they will need to successfully graduate with all the knowledge they will need for the field they want to pursue in. This person must also be friendly and ask a lot of questions; instructors see this and it will benefit them because connections with the instructors are crucial. Lastly, this person must have a great personality.


A person who is 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} serious about what they want to do. Uncertainty isn't an option when attending this school. They have to be sure without a doubt that an art school is where they want to go because the programs all move so fast that if you miss one day, you're behind by at least a week, maybe even two. A goal-orientad person is very ideal for Academy of Art because they know exactly what they want to do and how to make sure that they get it done.


Anyone intrested in art.


Anyone who has some sort of idea in what they want to mayor in. They must be motivated by it, and know its not going to be an easy school to get work done.


Anyone that has a passion for art and is modivated to persue their dream carreer.


Someone that has a strong interest in career focused learning, a hard worker and someone who has a plan for school (i.e. not always changing majors).


A hardworking, honest, and artistic person. The school really looks for talent, one might struggle if they just come here because they think it's a piece of cake, when in reality it is rather difficult to keep up with all the projects. A person who comes here has to have good prioritization skills, I know many people who dropped out because they preferred to party and procrastinate.


A person who is very motivated, artistic and very absorbed in whatever they are majoring in is perfect for this school. There is a lot of work required for pretty much ANY class you take here, making it more than important to love what you do.


This school loves deicated people. Almost each homework takes up to 10 hours of completetion.


Someone who is very serious about art, self-improvement, and getting a job in the industry.


Those that come to this school with a good idea where their headed do well here. Plus those who try to learn more than what's just on the sylibus also do well here.


This school is for people who know exactly what type of career they want.


People who are serious about getting into a career based on their major. People who can be competitive.


I think that someone who is sincerilly interested in art , and intending to have a carreer in it would benifit from coming to AAU.


The school I'm attending specializes in art and design. You may think you know a lot before attending this school but once you take classes at the Academy of Art you'll learn a lot of on what your majoring in and beyond. The type of people that should attend this school should be artist who wants to be push their skills to another level. Attending the Academy of Art University you'll be on the road from being a mediocre armature to becoming a knowledge professional.


Someone who is up for a chanllenge, and can juggle multiple things at once. Who is very artisitc, and not afraid to show the world what they have to offer. Open minded, and open hearted. Be ready to make many wondeful friends and meet some great mentors. You must be very hardworking, and dedicated.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be creative, career oriented, and with lot of time on their hands.


Anybody who loves art, pursuing an art based career, and is willing and dedicated to hard work, fun projects and a great learning environment.


Someone with an open mind and a strong desire to be creative.


Anyone with a creative spirit who is interested in being in an artistic field such as architecture, film, fashion, photography etc.


A person who believes in art. Wants to succeed in any field dealing with art.


Artistic people who really have a strong sense of what they want to do with their life. You have to have a strong passion for your major. This is not the place to float around finding out what you want to do. You have to be very competitive.