Academy of Art University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I will advice myself take the same path without any hesitation.


believe in yourself...Work hard and time management is SO important. Never lose focus on the big picture, never give up, have patience and enjoy the experience.


Love the question, I've thought about it before. There are three essential pieces of advice I'd give myself: (And forgive me, this is literally going to be a little rant to myself!) APPLY FOR AS MANY INTERNSHIPS AS POSSIBLE AMANY. Don't focus on finding part time jobs that aren't going to help further your skills and experience for what you are studying. Consider unpaid internships before paid ones; those are ones you will be learning the most from. DO NOT LOSE SIGHT OF THE END GOAL AMANY. Spend weeknights in the studio working on your resume, spend weekends visiting galleries and looking for inspiration to become a better creative professional than you were the day before. Oh yeah, MASTER THE CREATIVE SUITE! Take some sva classes if you need to! 2. DON'T WORRY ABOUT FINDING LOVE AND DEVOTING MORE TIME TO A RELATIONSHIP THAT PROBABLY WILL NOT WORK OUT THAN TO THE CAREER PATH YOU ARE PURSUING AMANY!!!. Life is too short; education will get you the money which will get you the girl/boy. Now that I think about it, this sounds like the exact advice my sister gave me.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell past Me to only accept student loans as a last resort. As much as I love my school, and enjoy every single class I've taken so far, the amount of debt I've accrued is pretty scary. Being a first generation college student, I didn't have anybody to teach me how to plan for college financially. All things considered, I am pretty happy about how things have turned out. Yeah, it's been a struggle. But eating Top Ramen and sucking down semi-potable Folgers coffee is all part of the experience. It makes you really appreciate what life is like when you get out!


Although I fully enjoyed my senior year with all my friends and teachers I must say I have learned a great deal about what life is really like in the real world. In high school there was so much talk about what the real world really was like. I had friends who at my age already knew how to drive and had jobs. I didn’t drive nor did I have a full time job. I had no idea what the real world was like. If I had the chance to talk to myself from when I was a high school senior I would definitely advise myself to have applied to the Academy of Art University a lot sooner. I would push myself into applying for as many scholarships as I could. I would advise myself to work harder into finding help to fund my education. I believe it is never too late to persue one's dreams and I will continue to find financial help and achieve my career goals.


The advice i would give myself would be, an education is the most important thing and no matter how long it will take, in the end it will be worth all the hard work youve put in.


I wish I could have picked a major that I was interested in, not let other people(such as parents) picked it for me.


Dear Younger Me, GO TO COLEGE AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. You know what is right for you, so just do it! Do not follow the trends (not that you do), and do not let the voices of others interfere with your hopes and dreams. Follow your heart and you inner voice, you know what is the best for you. And above all, have fun while you are doing it. Yes, you should work hard (but do not over work yourself like you do a lot...) but having fun is the most important part of learning, because that is what you remember the most. Also, DO NOT WORRY SO MUCH. Seriously. You will hit some bumps in the road, but you have a great family that you love and will help you through anything. Make the best out of your experiences and live life to the fullest every moment. You never know when it will end. University is the best time of your life, you learn, live, travel, laugh, and above all else meet some of the most impressionable people you will ever meet in your life. Bon chance :)


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, I would tell myself to go to away school. I noticed that students who felt the biggest sense of community amongst peers are those who lived in the dorms. Those of us who live locally don't build relationship in the same manner primarily because we don't have to. I would also tell my high school self to be more driven, I didn't become a good student until college. During my senior year I had the worst senior-itis and it really affected my GPA, which in turn affected which grants and scholarships I could apply for, and left me to struggle for tuition money now. If my high school self had buckled down and pulled the grades that I knew were possible things would be different. The most important advice I could give myself then that still applies now is to follow your gut and do what you feel will make you happy. Don't do things for your mom, friends, or family... do them for you!


I would suggets students to not fell the pressure of going straight to a four year college, and attend a locla community college. At the age of 18 it is impossible to know what you wnat to be when you "grow up". I attened a community college and not until the age of 25 did I really know what I am passionate about and my career path way. We are growing year to year anf becoming our own person and realizing what really drives us, and we enjpy to do.


You are sitting there wondering what you are going to do with the rest of your life right? You are considering college but will eventually back out from doing so because of the cost. Don't hesitate with the scholarships because they do help. Even if you think you won't qualify, there are a ton of opportunities out there to help with the cost. College is not as relaxed as high school but it is a necessary step before obtaining your ideal career. Try to not be overwhelmed with all the paperwork, just take it one page at a time. You will regret it if you don't take your education a step further. Though there are jobs out there that don't require a higher education, it will get you further than you could ever imagine in your dream career. You CAN make a name for yourself but you have to work for it. Your career will be more worth while if you work hard towards it. Don't be nervous, just go after what your heart desires. With dedication and hard work you will succeed.


As a high school senior, I was determined to take on the world head first, but I had always expected to have everything somewhat handed to me. It was not necessarily a matter of laziness, but more of a "victim of naivety" one. I was oblivious to the realities of the world beyond grade school - a place I had felt I blazed right through - so I believed that things would just happen without much of an effort on my part...a hard lesson I would soon learn. Classes were harder and work loads were heavier. Stress became a real factor, and so did disappointment and regret. Confidence is the key to success, yes, but you have to combine it with a headstrong work ethic or you will not achieve what you want to in life. Everyone says that high school is where you find out who you are, but to my graduate-to-be self I say this: your entire perspective on your life and career are about to change and for the better. Stay confident, but go forward with the drive to take charge of your dreams. Dream hard, live hard, but most importantly, work hard.


I would tell myself to start brushing up or getting started learning Chinese or Korean for that could be helpful because you will get a Chinese roommate who doesn't speak English very well and make friends with a lot of Koreans, some of which are girls you might get a crush on. Make sure you work hard and don't slack off and do much better. Also heads up your Game 3D Production will be your worst class and a total nightmare. For your scripting final try a Rock'Em Sockem Robot game or something simplier your actual final was a total mess because you/me tried to do something too big for a starter class and make sure you put time and effort into it. Start attending the Analysis of Form workshops as early as possible you get to meet Ms. Yuka and Satomi there and get to know them early. Also hang out with your new friends you meet down there more often and go out with them for you may not be seeing them in the upcoming. Also, ignore Wenyi and Vickney its not worth it. Also be careful Nora is really shy and pretty paranoid.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior I would try to warn myself of the finacial hardships that were going to accompany trying to accomplish my dreams. I always knew there were going to be price tags on my education, but I never had any idea of how hard my father was going to be on me because of it. The amount of stress that has put me through in the last half a year has been almost unbearable, but even so, I don't want to warn my younger self about that. I feel like if I warned her about the money strain, my father and her can plan more accordingly and she won't ever have to feel the pain I've felt from my father's harsh words and disappointment. At that time, my dad had complete faith in me and full support in my dreams. It was only when he realized what it was going to cost him that his expectations of me changed, his faith in me waivered, and his words became harsh. I would leave her with a wish of good luck and hope things would improve.


I would tell myself to take things slower and do much more research on universities. I would also tell myself to do some serious soul searching before taking the jump into a major I shouldn't have started in the first place.


The choices we make in life always have an effect on our future and while I would never regret the choice that led me to my amazing husband and gave us two beautiful children, I have always wished I never dropped out of college. Now here I am at 43 years old attempting to juggle my schedule as a full time wife and mother with my 40+ hour a week job and attend school at least part time. As excitied as I am of this new turn my life has taken, I know that if I had only made the decision to stay in school 23 years ago obtaining my education would have been so much easier. In the end, no management postition was worth delaying my education especially since I never wanted a career in retail anyway.


If I could go back in time and speak with myself the main thing I would tell myself is make sure you keep your grades up and stick to what you want to go far in college not what everyone easy want but what you want and that you will love doing it for the rest of your life. Make sure you go off to college as far away as possible. Because most people try to live their life through others and all they have to do is go back to school for themselves. Just do you with no regrets!


One piece of advice that I would tell my high school senior self is to not get distracted from my studies. Having been enrolled in a larger amount of band classes than ever before, I was not as focused as I should have been on my academics, especially with the help of senioritis, which brings me to the next piece of advice. I would tell myself to not let senioritis get the best of me. I did not have many academic classes during my senior year and thus had trouble dedicating the time necessary to my studies, as I had chosen to direct my attention to other activities that were more entertaining. The final piece of advice that I would give to myself is to have more fun during this last year of high school. Not that I did not have a lot of fun already: I had a blast being involved in three different music ensembles, playing different instruments for each. However I did not attend the dances for homecoming, winter formal, or prom. Including these aforementioned activities, I wish I would have participated in more events in celebration of our final days of being a high school student.


I would tell myself to be more patient, wait for things to come not be in such a hurry to go places. Slowly but surely everything will come.


I was looking forward to graduating with a high school diploma and getting out on my own. I didn't want to live under my parents rules and thought it would be ideal to get married move away from home. Five years later, and I was back home with two kids and a pending divorce--back home again. This was not the life I had envisioned for myself. Now I was a single mom with no education, and two kids to raise on my own. And there I was with all those regrets knowing I was a smart kid, I could have done better for myself. Looking back, I started to have many regrets. I should have followed my initial dream of joining the US Navy, or going to college to become an RN. I should have taken dual credit classes and earned credit while in high school. I should have focused less on having a part-time job for spending change, and focused more on taking practice exams for my SAT/ACT. I feared college thinking it wasn't for me. It was for me, I've been on the Deans List since I've been enrolled in college.


Do not put off until tomorrow what you can accomplish today. After graduating from High School, set a personal goal to complete your college degree and pursue that goal. I graduated high school in 1984 and took a few college courses without ever obtaining a degree. I always thought that a degree wasn't necessary to succeed or that I could always return to college if I wanted to pursue a degree. I am now 47-years old and trying to get my degree. Life doesn't always go as planned but there is one constant: a person with a college degree is more attractive to a company than a person without one. Sacrifices may be required and obstacles may have to be overcome, but completing a college degree program gives a person a sense of accomplishment like none other. I will be completing my Associates Degree in February of 2014 and plan on pursuing a Bachelor's Degree. Attending college can be financially challenging but it is an investment in yourself and in my case an investment in my wife and children also.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would encourage myself to not give up! In a world that is constantly changing and producing new challenges, I encourage my 18-year old self to stay motivated, focused, and determined. There are many distractions that come along with entering college. I believe that eliminating as many distractions as possible from the get go will help to provide a more successful educational experience. I would also tell myself that there are many majors and careers to chose from, and that I should take my time and do my research before deciding on what I want to pursue. The opportunities in life and endless, and it is important to experience many walks of life before ultimately settling on a career decision. And have fun!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, it would be great to teach myself more about challenging myself to taking more classes, or perhaps online and college classes that were available. Without realizing it, I could have accomplish a few college credits that way. I also learned that money does not come easily. When I was taught about scholarship as an upward bound student in high school, it would be a miracle to advice myself to challenge myself more and apply for variety of scholarship other than the ones that I have already applied for. I was also afraid to work long hours. I thought that I would not be able to handle any of my high school assignments along with sport. However, it was a different story while in community college. The classes were a lot harder, and surprisingly I worked more than I have expected. If I could succeed community college, I believe I could have taken a little more challenge being a high school senior.


I would tell myself to follow my dreams, and stand strong in my decisions. I would say that You are the creator of your life, no one else has the authority to tell you what decisions to make. I would tell myself to work harder and not to let the hard times destroy your dreams and desires, because in the end all that effort you put forth will manifest beautifully. Trust your inner guidance and your abilities. When you are in alignment with yourself, and you are set on your desires, college will become an incredible source of knowledge and wisdom to help lay out the path that you desire for yourself. Always keep yourself open to learning, for the universe never stops teaching, and this is part of the path of becoming the beautiful being that you are!


Never give up and just stay focused.


If I could give my younger self advice, first off I would tell younger me too make sure what bathroom she is apposed to be going in, and also lock the door behind you. Ah, just joking, I would just say keep on doing what you are doing and you are going to turn out fine. But, maybe work little harder in school, also just put in mind about what I said about bathrooms.


Network with your friends parents


Before you decide to go to college make sure you are sure you want to go to college. If you are sure you want to go to college pick a degree you want to pursue and not want your family thinks you should go for. I do not want to go to school and find out it is not for you and you drop out. Take tiem off if you need to. Fulfill your dreams. The most important suggestion I have for you is to find a career that makes you happy.


If I could go back in time and give my high school self advice about the life transition I'm about to take, I would push myself more to try and achieve additional scholarships and/or grants. It is my absolute passion to travel from my home of Colorado to the Academy of Art University, in San Francisco, California, to pursue my dream in the art world. Unfortunately, my family is unable to financially support me in this decision, which makes me regret the fact that I should have looked into more scholarships when I was a senior. I have a desire to receive a higher education opportunity, and should have gotten a head start on earning the resources to achieve it sooner.


Do your work and turn in your homework on time


Hey Alex, I know you think you’re doing a lot in school right now but joining some after school teams, and clubs will help you so much when you’re trying to get scholarships. Your parents aren’t always going to be together, and when they get remarried they will have even more kids to take care of. You think you have enough money to get through college, but when you add another 10 kids into the mix you will soon realize you can’t afford college. Get working on scholarships, and ways to impress schools so you don’t get stuck working every day to get money so you can start school when you turn 20. You will be out on your own in no time, and let me tell you, the world is an expensive place. Food alone will be enough to kill you. Start working younger me, and the future will be so much easier for you. Your beloved older self.


Grow up young lady and take responsibility; one day I will have freedom, independence, adventure and I will make my own decisions. Mom will not be there to do the laundry nor will she wake me up for work. Scholarships and grants mean a lot. Life is not a piece of cake, so graduating with $45,000 in student loans will be tough. Always stay focus and be positive toward others and I will succeed. There is a thin line when making new friends, so be careful, enjoy life, and try new things. Do not procrastinate, but finish my homework. Always do extra credit. Join organizations, sports, and clubs that interest me. Get out and participate. Get a job and save money. Do not get a credit card; pay with cash. As a college student, buy things such as a microwave, a hot plate, and a fridge. Spend money wisely but on healthy foods. Live life to its fullest! Be among others by attending college, some people would die to be in my shoes! Have fun, play, and study hard. Spend hours talking about life or perhaps talk about love and hopes for the future. School is a rewarding place.


If I was able to go back to my senior year and tell my immature, lazy self what I have learned now, I would use that opportunity to the fullest. Trying to plan out my entire future while still in highschool was probably the first step taken in discouraging myself. I overthought every decision, resulting in me giving up before I actually strived toward a goal. My senior year was probably the worst acedemically, mainly because I wanted it to be as easy as possible (who knew I'd have to exert myself in non-core classes). Because I was not sure of what I was doing, I was not motivated to work for anything. I remember literally thinking, "Ugh, it won't matter anyway. Why waste my energy?" So instead of applying my abilities to grades and obtaining scholarships, I stressed out over trivial drama, my future, and sports. I was scared to commit to anything, especially since I was changing my mind so quickly. But knowing what I do now, I would plead with that complacent, blinded girl to set a goal and strive toward it. She's got the rest of her life to change her mind.


What an adequate question to ask one self while never going dull no matter how old you get. As a high school student, although I learned the value of a dollar pretty early from taking on a job at Ben & Jerry's and AppleBees, I never quite understood the major "difference" in the value of a dollar when it came to college! I honestly thought my parents and financial aid would be able to get me through college. I came into this world of "college success", dumb as a door nail. My parents,seperated and got caught in the midst of the falling of the economy, and financial aid, gives nothing to those in the struggling / the new poor, lower middle class! Even the loans I'm getting aren't enough to pay for a full time semester or supplies! So this is what i would tell my highschool self: Plan for the worst, invest your time in numerous scholarships, and make not just good grades but the very best!


I would tell myself to study harder, and take the tests for the AP exams towards the end of the year because that will save you mobey for that class.


Sam, Please do not be afraid of the unknown. I spent so much time letting it rule my life and my decisions. Also don’t do something just to fit in; because of my insecurities, many athletic endeavors were driven by that need, and left me feeling as if I was living a lie. So much of your life has been about worrying whether or not you would fail. Nevertheless, take that next step; it will lead to the next chapter in your life. Our dad always told us that life is the adventure that you make it. College is scary, but you are taking the next step by refusing to let fear drive your heart. It’s terrifying to face a massive giant that you must conquer. Yet fear has never been a part of what our family stands for and to give into fear would be an insult to everything you have worked for. Lastly, find that inner warrior, the one that would fight for every breath and press on without giving up, because this is your life. You are in control no matter what anyone has ever said. The power to succeed is in you. Yours, Sam


Dear High school Mark, Take school seriously. School may not seem important in high school but it can effect your entire college career. Also start saving now. College is expensive and you don't want to be in debt for the rest of your life. Figure out what you want to do and enjoy doing it. Don't settle for your major, you are gonna have to work hard to get to college so make sure you really enjoy studying what you are going to be studying. High school isn't everything. Don't think that your world will end when high school is over. Your life have just started, so try to keep positive and keep moving forward. Get Ready for the exciting and inspiring ride that awaits you. It is going to be awesome. Sincerely, College Mark


I don't have much college experience besides the community college I attended out of high school. In the world I grew up in going away to school was never an option. Until now that is. My father started using drugs a few years ago and ever since then my entire world has changed. I'm head of my house hold now. I never would have invisioned my life to turn out this way but it did. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to go against my parents and do what I want with my life. I'd tell myself it's going to hard but very well worth it. I would prepare myself for my fathers addiction and make the decision to put myself first this time. I'd remind myself of my own worth. I'd tell myself that it's a cold world and if you don't do anything for youself then what makes you think anyone is going to do anything for you? If you don't believe you're worth it then trust me, no one else will either. So I'd tell myself to go. Just go.


Apply early and apply to all the scholarships you can find. Volunteer often, and become active to companies you would want to work for. Speak to people,speak to strangers, speak often and introduce yourself. Show your work, show your perseverance but most of all show that your capable of doing the job right the first time.


I would tell myself to follow my dream and not worry about pleasing my parents or my family. I am the most important person in my life and it took me a long time to make that realization. Unless you are working towards what you love to do, college is a waste of an investment. I would tell myself to follow my heart.


Don’t be afraid. That is exactly what I would tell myself high school. Your friends may seem like they have everything figured out taking pictures with their future university sweaters, knowing exactly what it is they want to major in. Have no fear if you graduate high school and continue your education with an undecided major. There is nothing wrong with that. Gather your talents, hobbies, and interests and make a list of them. Use that list to help you discover what it is that you want to learn, master, and do for a living.Secondly, College is hard. There will be times you will think that you are in the wrong major or even want to quit. The key to success is to never give up. Every accomplishment makes everything worthwhile. Never lose sight of your goals by falling into procrastination or temptations to party more than you can afford.Finally, money is not an excuse for you not to graduate from college. Exhaust every grant and scholarship option you have. Be confident and optimistic when applying. You can’t get help if you don’t ask for it in the first place.


Having been in college I’ve learned a lot not only in class but also about life and the challenges you face entering adulthood. I’m currently a junior at the Academy of Art University and it took some time for me to get there. Transferring into a new school taught me to trust my instincts and not to settle on a school just because you got in. Its ok to go to a community college and work part time while you figure out what you want to do.When you find the perfect school that matches you its ok to have a little fun. Keeping your grades up is important but so is trying to have a social life. Don’t be afraid to meet people and have new experiences. Know that school can be a financial struggle, applying for scholarships is a great way to offset the cost of what financial aid won't cover. If you don’t get a scholarship right away don’t get discouraged keep applying, stay persistent and try to keep positive. Going to college maybe be a new beginning but staying and finishing college is what will give you a great future.


The best advice I could give to myself at 18 would be “Go to school immediately! Do not pass go, do not collect $200.” At 18 we are all convinced that we know exactly what needs to happen. Or what we think we need. Those of us who are a little older and wiser have a better grasp on the difference between the ideas of want and need. I see now that going immediately to school, even a community college, would have put me on a more direct path that would have gotten me closer to my goals faster. As fun as the idea of backpacking though Europe or moving in with a friend right after high school is, and I had a blast, believe me, the distractions that kept me preoccupied over the last 14 years changed my life in such a way that I am only now, in my 30s, getting back to where I need to be. The notion that some people have of saying they have “no regrets” is bologna. That just comes from people who haven’t admitted they were wrong. I, however, have learned my lesson and enjoying my second chance to the fullest!


Get started right away! Do not take time off! Put in all the effort you can to receive as much free financial aid as you can. Always keep your head on track and in the right direction. Give yourself the satisfaction of completing your degree to pursue your dreams of future success beyond graduation. A whole world will be opened up to you and and its up to you to make your journey a great one.


Hello past Sara, nervous for college already? You’re final high school year has only just begun. You are going to have friend drama, tests that keep you up late, and the most amazing memories, so college isn’t going to be a big problem for you. You will feel nervous and alone, but just remember everyone on his or her first day of college feels nervous and alone. The best advice that I can give you is to relax, enjoy this time. Let the transitions shape who you are, not how you feel. I would also like to tell you to go to class everyday and do the homework, it is the only way you are going to survive this higher education program.


I would tell myself to focus on my natural artistic abilities and not settle for a regular 9 to 5 job, but rather seek to land a career in a field in which I have a true passion and love for.


Dear Deidre, Right now you are probably out with your friends or doing something social, partying, maybe you are in a play at Westlake right now. I just want to tell you that everything you do comes together as time goes on. There is a time and a place for everything, and you spent highschool the right way. Life then was easy breezy, but it doesn't stay that way forever my friend. When you go onto college, stay focused. Never waste a single minute, and remember to pursue your goals no matter what anyone tells you. I know dad may be hard on you and can put you down sometimes but stay strong! It will all come together. Do that homework girl, it's not that difficult. Never forget that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Never let anyone make you feel like less than you are. Never give up. And don't forget to follow your dream, no matter what. Now go out tonight, have an amazing time. Be yourself. And never, ever let go of that drive you have. It will take you far my friend. Love, Me


I'm not in college yet, this question doesn't apply to me. I'm sure college life is hard though, but worth it.


I would tell myself to really look into what I want my career to be. It is okay to leave my hometown, and start fresh. It is never to late to attend school, but if you are attending school be ready to work hard. Start on scholarships as soon as possible. Don't let your personal life influence your work, unless it is in a good way. It isn't always about perfection but trying the best that you can. Pick your friends carefully, they will help you fail or fly. It is okay to ask for help, that is why schools have resources. If you get a chance take it and don't be afraid to let it change your life. The harder you work the more it shows and in the end that is what counts. The only person holding you back is yourself. Things you would never expect to happen will happen, good and bad. And every time you think it's getting too hard and you can't go on, look at those who did go on, and if they can do it why can't you?


Going from high school to college is like a huge step to any freshmen college student of course you have your scares of not meeting any new people or not fiting in but all you have to do is be yourself and with in seconds you meet someone from a different state,country,or city that you might have a lot in common