Academy of Art University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The cost of tuition, room & board, extra fees or fines, and unreliable shuttle services are the most frustrating things about the school.




Currently I don't find anything frustrating about this school.


The school's location is far from where I currently reside, but that is the only downside that I have observed.


I haven't been to my school yet, but i think that my school is really awesome and that there is nothing that will make it seem so frustrating as long as you know what it is that you want once you apply there to study then there is a lesser chance of you dopping out or changing subjects which would cost you a lot of extra money and no one wants to do that especially not in college. I really don't see anything wrong, I like my school and that is why i have decided to attend it.


During school week, the shuttle buses are often crowded-- epecially in the morning. Often times, it does not come on time.


The most frustrating thing about school is finding out that I have gotten bad grades. It means I have to study much harder, do more research on the Internet, read books, and create a study group. Attendance is important in school because I keep up with the daily lessons and assignments, and I take quizzes and tests on time. By attending school regularly I am likely to pass all my classes and I want get points deducted from my grade. Also by being in school every day it gives me a chance to learn more about college and scholarship opportunities.


The most frustrating thing about Academy of Arts University is how much it cost to attend the college.


When you attend AAU the first thing they express to you is don't expect to get As. This is true. Few students get As and Bs. Also expect to spend a lot of time on homework. The only way to succeed at this university is to rise above the rest by working hard on every assignment. Don't be afraid to ask for help, that is one of the best things you can do and they have great resources here. Finally, don't be afraid. It seem impossible at first but it is possible with hard work.


The Attendance cost.


The Academy of Art University does a really great job with their education program. The most frustrating thing, if i had to choose would probably be the housing situation. I am staying here in the dorms and over winter intersession i have to pay a ton extra, with no food plan, and i'm not allowed any visitors at any time. During the actual semesters is fine and i don't regret living on campus for my first year. I will just have to look at other options now that i know the ropes.


Lack of financial aid.


The work load can pile up very easily and it is hard to manage my time as a student-athlete.


I'm not really sure what is frustrating about the Academy of Art University, I haven't started school yet. Having said that I do believe that the most frustrating thing for me right now, with getting ready for school is the expenses and the cost of education.


Fine art studies are essentially hands on, and success in these artistic areas hinges on mastering the tools of your particular medium (digital camera, Photoshop, darkroom, in my case). Not having in person contact with professors can be challenging, because the tactile practicalities and handling have to be self-taught by trial and error. This leads to long online conversations that go back and forth, as your instructor tries to explain verbally, that which in person, could be demonstrated with a few hand movements in a few seconds time.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that its all over the city it is not just one campus all the school buildings are in drfferent parts of san fransisco and you need to get in the shuttles all the time. You might have one class in one part and another class across san fransisco.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that I cannot start my online classes before the semester begins. I am very excited about beginning the spring semester.


Sometimes my school feels a little competitive because there are a large amount of good artists in my field of study. It can feel sometimes frustrating.


I'd like to see what my fellow students get on the same assignments - and would love to see a mobile application for the online environment.


I can't afford to attend without financial aid or some kind of help.


The urban campus in San Fransico can be challenging to meet other students if you have to work well in school.


You pay too much for not a lot (when looking at the whole picture).


The most frustrating part of my school that I go to right now, and not the one I'm transferring to, is the lack of information given to students starting out in the school and wanting to know what's the steps we should take in order to meet our goals. Some students arrive to new schools with no idea of where to go and what to do to and I feel this information should be readily available somewhere.


The most frustrating thing about the school is the cost of semester of the interior design bachellor.


The cost. Classes are expensive but worth it.


the most frustrating thing is the guest hours cause there flawed and discrimatory. its not ok for a straight person to have someone of the opposite sex stay over but its ok for a gay or lesbian to have someone of the same sex stay over. this is frustrating cause the school doesnt bother to check if that person is a girlfriend/ boyfriend


I think one thing I find very interesting is the introduction of the sports teams last year. Our tuition has increased, and they get to travel free of expenses. It is unique that an Art School has sports teams, but I don't deem in neccessary.


I love my school there is nothing frustrating about it.


There's not much that really frustrated me about this school. I suppose because it's based in a city and a grew up in a small town I missed seeing more trees and grass and the AAU campus doesn't really have any areas grassy areas for students to spend time in. This school is also very expenssive, though they do offer financial aid, not looking forward to paying back the loans though.


The most frustrating thing about this school is that the school uses its money the students give to the school in non useful ways. The school should use its money to benefit the students entirely. They use the money to start a sports or athletic department and the school does not need it. The students of this school just need intrumural sports or activities to do for students, not full out teams. We have a car musuem that non of the students are allowed to see. It is useless propery that the school has and it does nothing for students.


Their athletic program, I honestly do not think it belongs in an art school.


I ship out my assignments.


This school is very expensive, open admishion and for a profit . Some times feel like Im not getting what i paid and know its all going in to the pocket of the schools president/owner. Its a good school but i feel like im being taken advantabe of sometimes. I would like more extra ciricular activities and a student goverment.


they take your money and give scholarships to non-artists who THEY RECRUIT tocome here to play sports. ITS AN ART SCHOOL!!!