Academy of Art University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The most important thingss about my school are the job placement programs, being able to learn from professionals in my desired field, and the flexibility of the schedule. Being able to take my classes online is wonderful, as I love to travel.


The best thing about AAU are the instructors. The instructor are or have already worked in your desired field of study, such as animation, illustration, television, etc. While there are a few instructors that aren't so great, the majority are extremely knowledgeable and wear their passion on their sleeve.


The credibility and professionalism, as well as the diversity and wide array of art mediums. There is great appreciation for all art, from classic to modern.




The learning system and how the classes aren't so filled with students


As I said above, the opportunity to be mentored by artists already working in the field I am studying.


Fashion Design program because we are invited to New York fashion week.


Learnning from industry professionals is really sets the Academy of Art Univesity apart from all the rest. Its such a huge opprotunity to learn from people who are in the line of work you wish to pursue.


The instructors are either currently or have been involved in the industry related to students field of study. They provide plenty or student resources and offer workshops outside of classrooms to help develope students skills who are interested in putting in the extra effort.


The best thing about my school would be the faculty for sure. The instructors are knowledgeable, and the curriculum is fun and informative. In addition to that their academic and financial advisors are also extremely helpful and professional.


I like how diverse the film program is and all of the equiptment you are able to use at the college. I believe that having all of those resources at my disposal will really help me to be successful in my career.


Not attending yet.


The Academy of Art University offers a wide range of online degrees with out sacrificing the quality of the education received.


I love the fact they expand on what you know and try to make that grow. With other schools they try to make you learn one way of doing things.


It's for artists who strive to be the best they want to be. Artists who have dreams and tons of ambitions. Students who are willing to do lots of hard work to get far in there careers.


I think being in the dorms, because I'm able to get homework done and be with friends at the same time. We all work together on homework and it's convenient as well. I like to bond with people so that way I have connections and understandings of how others percieve things and it's interesting to learn the many ways that different things can be viewed. Being able to do homework in a confortable environment helps me to put 120{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} effort into my homework and classwork.


The best thing about my school is that everybody here is an artist. They are doing something that they really want to do instead of taking the dead end jobs out there or the jobs the may pay a lot but isn't really satisfying. The best thing about my school i the inspiration that you get from just looking at others students work and wanting youreself to strive and achieve the level that they had gain and even more.


I have not been there yet.


That most of the professors are currently working in the field that they are teaching.


My school offers one of the best arts programs in the country. The entire curriculum is arts and related classes. So I don't have to take english and other unrelated classes to get my degree.


The best thing about school is talented teachers who have experience in your field, teaching you all they know about your the industry.


They have a great learning environment. All of the students are friendly.


The best part about Academy of Art University is the depth, passion and knowlege my teachers have and pass onto all of us (their students).


The best thing about my school is the teaching staff; my teachers have been really helpful and accesible, which motivates me to be a better designer every day.


I believe the best feature my school posesses is its wide campus. The campus is not just some large collection of buildings in the middle or outskirts of the city but a scattered collection of classrooms spread out throughout the entire city. It's not just a specified campus within the city but the city itself that is our campus and our right to explore it to our heart's desire is that much more reinforced.


The best thing about my school is that my creative boundries are never limted, and my instructors always push us to improve our work, and turn it into something even greater than it was when we started. At Academy of Art University you learn how to be creative in ways you never thought of before,


Unlike most four year colleges all the classes a student takes focus on their major.


To be honest I am not exactly sure what then best thing about my school is yet. You see my first classes begin February first, so I have not yet had any real experience with my school. However, I have visited the online division website and I love how everything is set up. I got a chance to watch sample classes and it?s so awesome! I have the best seat in the class. It?s like the professors are talking right to me and unlike going to a building I?m in the comfort of my own home. Sweet!


They have the best computer graphic systems.


One best thing about the school I am going to attend, is there hands on work. They don't only teach the students what we need to know but they get us involved to gain experience in our desired profession. Having the ability and oppurtunity to work hands on with professionals, definitely helps me to gain more knowledge and work experience. Having to actually get involved physically and not only mentally allows us, the students, to put what we learn into actual work scenario's, and see what we need to improve on.


Give you a "taste of...". You learn and get few tools at school but get a huge understanding of the industry demands in your field - so you know where to self-study more.


Everything about the school seems to be about building students professionalism, skills and general knowledge. Even with the worst of born talent, the school helps to show you the fundementals.


The amonut you learn and how it is taught. You learn alot in a short period of time. My art has improved leaps and bounds since I began at this school.


The classes so far have been excellent and the teachers have a lot of experience. My one teacher has an imdb profile that shows all the films she's worked on, movies like The Pagemaster, Pocahontas, etc. Crazy. It makes my dreams more feasible, getting my information and guidance from someone who clearly has the experience.


The Best thing bout my school is the diversity and different cultures and tht everyone is so easily accepted no matter what


We have indrustry working faclity who teaches us what to expect when we graduate.


its open and a fun creative school


The best thing about the Academy is the access to the labs and all of the equipment that they provide to the students. This high quality machinery is vital to the students. I have learned so much at the academy and the professors are very much to thank for that as well. They are all professionals in the feild they are teaching and have alot of experience to bring to the students. I could not ask for a better learning environment than this.


Hands on work, alot of competition and a great environment to be inspired for ideas and concepts


the other students, and learning/becoming inspired by them


The best thing about my school is that most of the students are very intersted in what they have chosen as their career paths. Being a less traditional type school when an animator or graphic artist or fine art artist comes here it is indeed with that in mind as their future. The school has been around since 1928 so many things, especially the older, more traditional types of art classes, are very well respected and developed. The newer, trendier types of art that are emerging daily tend to have less of a place so far.


the resources are avaliable


Very professionally oriented. It is an art school and a business school at the same time.


The friends i have. They are people i have known for my whole time at the school.


My school have postitive attitudes towards each student's own field and careers. Also they offers students a lot of informations about future job, internships and jobs at different companies.


Diversity of the student population.


The teachers are amazing. All working in the industry, and extremely smart.


I would consider the diversity at my school to be its best attribute. Every where you go, and every class you have there are so many people form so many different places all around the world. Also, the professors are incredibly diverse in origin and in teaching methods. I love being able to learn from so many different aspects, and being able to converse with such a diverse student population.


The broad selection of classes befitting each major, as well as the support and reputation of both student networking and instructor guidance in helping students to reach thier goals, including major job opportunites and internships.