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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

First, I would have taken my hand and dragged myself onto the Adirondack Community College campus for a tour. The campus settings (grounds, facilities, faculty, technology... you name it) are astounding. The location for upstate New York residents like myself is also a big plus. By doing this I would have encouraged myself to give it a chance and not to worry so much about how it was going to be paid for, but instead, tell myself that no matter what, it will have eventually paid for itself. Secondly, I would tell myself the reprocussions of not having furthered my education. Reiterating how I spent 21 years in the workforce primarily at the operative level. How I spent many wasted years enduring a false sense of pride by struggling to advance in my field of work with nearly nothing to show for it. Being self-taught has its advantages but not nearly as many as in pursuing a higher form of education. Finally, I would have pleaded with myself to take the time to research and write down all the pros and cons in the matter of attending college verses the reprocussions of joining the workforce without a college education.

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My first year in college was at a local community college. I chose this option to complete some general education courses at lesser expense, but also to create a stronger academic profile to expand my 4 year college options. This transition was pretty seemless, as I was still living at home and not transitioning to life "on my own". I do wish I could go back and talk to my high school sophomore and junior self, so I would have focused better on my academics then so that I would have been in a better position to take advantage of college scholarship opportunities, as they are far more limited for transfer students. I would tell myself procrastination is NEVER a good strategy and that good organization skills are a must. As for moving away to school, I will make that leap on August 17th, when I move from NY to Missouri to attend Mizzou. Since this will be a new experience, I can only hope that many of the lessons I have learned my college freshman year will serve to make me better prepared for this exciting step. Thank you!

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If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would tell myself to make sure I finish off my high school academic career with above average grades. I would tell myself to push harder. I only wish I had known then what I know now about college and what a good high school transcript could have done for me. I would have done well enough to where I could have gotten into a decent four year school right out of high school.

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