Adrian College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Sports and its Athletic program. Adrian College is known for its Hockey team and Ice Rink. Many students are athletic and participate in sports or fitness in some way. There are also many students from Canada at this school. A lot of students are in Bussniess, Athletic, or Pre- Arcitecture/ Med programs. Currently the Forgien Language department is growing and its facilities are great. Music Program is also growing. Adrian's Orchestra holds practices and preforms on Campus. The music Director of this Orchestra is John Dodson who is well known and is doing great things for the Orchestra.


Adrian College is a small, liberal arts school in the middle of the small town of Adrian, Michigan. They are known to try to get their students to be more diverse. They make you take classes such as religion and philosphy, thinking that it will make you a more well rounded person. The college's mascot is a bulldog and their colors are gold and black.


My school is best known for athletics.


My school is known for helping students with disabilities. When I was looking at schools and I met with Adrian College they were very set on helping students with disabilities. I wasn?t exactly sure when I attended how much help I would actually get. Being at Adrian College they are very hands on and making sure that I am doing okay in all my classes. The teachers are very helpful and make sure in the classroom I feel comfortable to be the best I can be. I am contacted all the time to make sure I am doing okay.


Mens Hockey Team


Adrian College is well known for it's successes in athletics and creating intelligent students for the future work force. Adrian College is currently on the rise when considering expansion and new facilities. It provides a very good education for great students to excel in their chosen fields. It promotes several principles that create amazing individuals who will eventually give back to society.


This is a liberal arts college. It's known for being a small college focused on education.


We are best known for our athletics, mainly mens hockey and baseball.