Adrian College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Adrian College?


I sincerely do not have much to brag about based on my experience at this college, but if I were to uplift an area of focus, I would brag about the athletic acheivments that school has recieved.


That it's small and like a tight knit family. Everyone knows each other. The teachers know your name and you're not just a number. The classes are small too. The food is really good in our cafeteria and we have a variety of stuff to choose from every day. Most schools dont have good dining room food, but we do.


I am in a Fraternity based on Christian Principles, I've found the most amazing Woman in the world to be my Girlfriend, and I have made some of the best friends of my life. It's an amazingly beautiful campus.


The size of the campus, the type of parties that go on.


It's private school so the class sizes are small and I get a lot of attention individually from my professors.


The professors are great! I hvae learned to much here. It has been about life and about the subjects. It has been a great place to learn about myself and others. The athmosphere is kind and helpful. I've loved my teachers and classes. I'm a real person here.