Adrian College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The Internet here sucks! They are trying to fix it, but it isn't happening as well as they had hoped.


The worst thing about this school is the lack of housing options. There is an overload of students and a lack of rooms for them to be in. Along with this it is difficult to get off campus housing.


That some of the teachers here only have tests as grades, and I'm not a good test taker. If they would give us more than just tests in the class I might have done better in class. I am also on the bowling team here and we aren't doing that good. I wish we had an acutal coach that knows what they are doing.


We have no parking at all. All of our parking lots are filled plus some people have to park on the streets. It is not good. Also the tuition is pretty rough. It is very high and I'll probably be paying off student loans for at least 25 years after I graduate.


The worste thing is the food, and it's not even bad. You just get tired of eating sodexo food for a whole year sometimes.


Administration doesn't seem to be willing to help with simple things like parking avaibility. They are overly conserned with getting people to come here then they don't have any where to put them once they get here. They also claim to ask the students about issues, even though we find out later that they have already made up their minds.


The worst thing about Adrian College is the city itself. Adrian is the middle of nowhere and does not have a lot to do compared to USC, University of Michigan, or Ohio State. Students have to travel to Toledo, Ohio to go to shopping malls. Students also go to other schools such as University of Michigan, Bowling Green, Eastern University, or Michigan State to party. If the students had more fun activities in Adrian City we wouldn't leave the city or the state to have fun.


I can't stand the apathy I see in students. Adrian College is over 30 grand a year, and I see kids skipping class to play video games! I think that students like that are foolish. Also, I can't stand how the administration enforces the rules. They know that underage drinking goes on EVERY SINGLE weekend and most nights even. They do nothing about it. The kids get away with it! However, some kids used some spray paint on part of a statue that was donated to the college, and all three involved were kicked out of school.