Adrian College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Adrian College know before they start?


If I could go back in time, I would tell my high school senior self to get my nose out of the books and go out and try different things. My first semester in college, I did not step out of my comfort zone and I ended up paying for it. I lost out on connecting with professionals in my field, I missed out on meeting some great friends, and most importantly, I did not learn anything about myself. In my second semester I was depressed and wanted to leave Adrian College, but my roommate convinced me to give it one more chance. That semester I tried anything and everything that I could fit into my schedule, and while there are a lot of the experiences, I only tried once…by trying them I learned insurmountable pieces of information about myself. It is through these experiences that I found out who I truly am. While studying does come first, and is the most important part of coming to college, I learned that it is not all that college is about. It is about finding your passion, and that is what I would tell my high school senior self.


Don't slack off on class work and work harder to achieve a higher grade point average. Be careful of who you befriend and the decisions you make.


Dear High School Sarah, I am writing to give you advice as you start your freshman year of high school. I know how nervous and terrified you were throughout freshman year, but I am here to let you know that once you break free of your shyness, your experiences in high school will be unforgetable. Have a little bit of confidence in yourself, walk through the hallways with your shoulders back and head up, letting everyone see your bright blue eyes and contagious smile; this way they will find you approachable. Take advantage of the friendships that you are enjoying right now, because believe it or not, you will lose a lot of them. If there is one thing that i could stress to you, it is this; do not wish the time away so fast. Take advantage of the time you have in high school, because once it's gone you cannot get it back. And trust me, you will want it back more than anything. Have fun today, and make every second count! Sincerely, Sarah Lombardo, College Freshman.


I would tell myself do not rush and do not become stressed about choosing a college,


I was more then ready for college. But I wish I could have convinced my parents to let me go to the school I wanted out of state. I got excepted to every school I applyed for but money was a factor. I wish I would have worked more because I was the one funding my own education. I made the right choice with Adrian, even though it wasn't really what I wanted. The professors when I went to three different visits to the school sold Adrian to me. They are friendly, and they have and continue to help me with anything I might need. Also would have told myself to take German and Japanese insted of Arabic and Japanese. Arabic sounded intresting and fun, it was but my passion was German. I did make the right choice with Japanese, but I am currently trying to catch up with German.


College does not suddenly turn the challenging-volume up to 11. It is simply the next step after high school, in difficulty and general environment. Make friends, branch out. Home will always be there, spend this time away from it growing and learning. Ask questions in class, speak up when you have something to say. Don't assume everyone already has all the friends they need, you might just find out all they've been missing is you. Join a club. Go to a party. Study. Study some more. Finish work in advance. Don't procrastinate. Try your best, don't give it the minimum amount of effort, even if it suffices. Step outside your comfort zone. Try new and unfamilair classes on for size, you just might find your passion. Call your mom. Send letters to grandma. Keep in touch with your friends from home. Stand out, be who you are because no one knows you as the person you were in the past. Take the time to make smart, adult decisions. Save your money. Have the time of your life.


Out of my college experience I have learned many life lessons. I have learned the importance of friendship and being apart of a team. Participating in groups in a classroom environment as well as a team member in athletics, I have been able to develop many relationships that will be life long. I have also learned that it is important to work together and accept others for who they are in order to succeed. From my college experience I have discovered what it takes to make it in the "real world." Attending this college has been valuable in a sense that it is preparing me for life after school. It is relieving to know that once I graduate, I will be ready to take on anything that comes across my path. With hard work, determination, and a good mind set, it is possible to achieve anything.


My college experience consitantly evolves with growth over time. For instance, knowledge is like an orange growing on a tree. Usually the orange grows until it's fully ripe, but I feel like the orange needs more nourishment before it can become fully ripe. With a little help of this scholarship it can help nourish the orange, so I can keep attending college in the future without any barriers to battle in my life. I've battled many barriers in my life to get my assoicate's degree, but to keep attending college for another two years can be troublesome by balancing my family's financial situation. I really want to fulfill my dreams and finish college by recieving the next degree. That's why attending college is so important and very valuable to me everyday.


My college experience has taught me much more than the book smarts that everyone believes college will teach you. Throughout my time in my courses I've learned what the institution insists is learned as well as many, real life, experiences that I couldn't possibly have gone through without my professor's and my peers around me. In addition to learning my basic core subjects in my time in school, I've developed a greater understanding for the real-world application in which college will teach me. My classes have ranged from the science department, to the math department, and all the way to the communication department. Each has taught me something new that I will be able to carry on with me for the rest of my life into my career, my home, and my overall life in general.


I have recieved a lot of positive things from Adrian College. The people in the Academic Services are awesome people that are willing to help any student with any type of Academic need. They do not discriminate for any reason and everybody is equal. I have also recieved the ability to manage my time better as Adrian offers up to 18 credit hours a semester and over 35 varsity sports. I think Adrian is the best school for young student athletes who wish to continue their dreams of playing college sports, but most importantly to get an excellent education. Adrian's classes are not only challenging but they are extremely interesting. I have not had a class yet where I have sat there in sheer bordem. That is the positives that I have taken with my experience at Adrian College.