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As single parent who works full time, it is difficult to be able to attend college to further my career. I am choosing this college to complete my bachelors of science in radiologic health sciences on a online basis. As time with my child is valuable, I feel I will be able to balance my Career, family and school.


What is unique about my school is when you get into your program every thing is hands on. The school also has the hospital next door so when you are doing your clinical they take you to the hospital. I think that is a good thing because we all get to work with real patients before we go out on our own.


FHCHS is a private Christian school founded by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. It offers classes that are more spiritually focused, and is a smaller campus school.


There are many reason why my school is very unique, for example real life experiences from medical professionals, the school being owned by one of the countries largest health care providers. These are just a couple of things that make my school unique. But there is one thing that really make my school unique and that is the professors continous emphasis on how the medical professional need to treat and care for the patient . There are alot of institutions that re not well versed with professionals that have worked in the feild of medicine as a career.


Beware Stay Away .FHCHS is a private for profit institution. Save money and go to a community college and then a major university or you will be in mountains of debt. This college is not part of the Florida Hospital system. This college is a Seventh Day Advent college. The administration is looking for one thing, profit at your expense, and that of your families. The classes here are purposely made more difficult to make you fail and repeat. They only allow a limited number of people in their actual professional programs and to be in that number you better be an Adventist. The administration will treat your professors terrible and most professors do not stay long unless they are the hardcore military type. FHCHS college will not transfer your classes in if have all those of good credits to transfer in from another college, they want to limit you and make you spend money. The upper level administration is not the brightest and they are terrible at paperwork organization. If your financial aid is running out and you can not pay then they will put you on suspension. This college will force you to buy the overpriced books from them, and they make a lot of empty promises that you will have an accredited job in the field of nursing or sonography. But they will not tell you it is only valid in the state of Florida. Most people I know that have graduated from here have been looking for a job now there for over a year and can not pay back their loans. . I wonder how they have ever gotten accredited.


The amount of clinical application in the hospital situation. Preparedness for the job of being a nurse.


It is smaller, offers only health sciences and is a private Christian college.


Its a school that teaches about Christ. I never that much about Christ intill I started attending FHCHS.