Adventist University of Health Sciences Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who does not take school seriously; if you're here to party, you're not going to last long. While of course we have fun on designated times, people here are extremely serious about their education. They are dedicated to their schooling and will prioritize that above all else.


Student's who do not want to enter the healthcare field should not attend this college. Florida Hospital College of Health Science is mainly focused in fields such as nursing, radiography, occupational therapy, sonography, pre-medical and pre-dental. They do not offer business, engineering, or computer science classes. This is a seventh day adventist school who's requirements include classes based on Christianity and if you do not feel comfortable taking a few classes withinthis field, I would not suggest attending this school. This school does not discriminate in any way if you are not Christian.


People who are not career oriented, who are not focused, dedicated, not willing to put in the time to do the work.


Anyone who is either spirtually moved or is opened minded about spirituality.


This school's focus is to give of our time, talent, and compasison to others. If a person did not desire to use these attributes in serving others it would be a difficult place to attend.


I don't think that you should attend this school if you are not highly motivated in the medical field. People who attend this school take it very seriously and are expecting big things for themselves upon graduation.