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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Now that I am in college, there are times that I wished I owned a delorean to be able to go back in time and fix some mistakes, I mean who doesn't? But, since the delorean is merely a fictional object, the next best would be to write a letter full of advice for my high school self. I would start by telling myself to get a job and save some money, something that seemed so unimportant then, but would be so useful now. I wouldn't be able to tell myself enough to apply for scholarships, ironic yes. It is proably the one thing I regret not doing the most. Lastly, I would tell myself to stress less and enjoy my life while im young and free of adult responsibilities. Don't take for granted all of the things your parents do for you while you are young. Even though I am not able to go back in time, I have the strentgh and determination to make up for eveything I did not do then.


If I could go back to my high school self, I would slap myself and say that I should have not been focused on my friends and work harder in classes to live up to my full potential. I went through school living up to the average student and I know I could have did a lot better by joining more clubs and getting into activities that would have benefited in my future in college. I would say to myself that I should have went to those after school study groups to help me with my test taking skills and be around people who can help me work on the skills that I still to this day need work on. You dont get those years back and if I could go back I would cherish the little time I have to be the best I can and things might have been a lot easier now at the age of 22.


If I could go back i would tell myself to take High School more seriously and to not wait to go to college. Travel more, love harder and trust deeper. There are too many moments in life that you can not get back. Do not take things to seriously and smile more. Save your money and invest. College is your future, listen and study more!


I would tell myself that the college you go to right out of high school does not matter. This is important because I was very ashamed that I did not get into a 4-year university. I allowed that detail to lower my self-esteem. Now I know that where one starts is not important, but rather, where they end and what they become is. In the end, the college you attend does not define you. How hard you work towards your goal(s) speaks to your character. I would also say that the small class sizes of community colleges are really conducive to a great, effective learning environment. The lower cost of tuition is also a plus, especially when taking general education classes while you decide what major to declare.


I would tell myself to not let boys interfere with you education they will just end up ruining it for you. College is not as easy as you think you really need to work hard and study a lot. Don’t let work bully you into working when you should be in class that never ends good for you. When it comes to financial aid make sure to save some of it in a savings account that way when the school does not want to give you anymore you have that little cushion. Most of all have fun you’re going to meet some great people who will be there for you threw out your education that you will grow to love as a friend.


I would recommend filling out as many scholarship applications as possible as a junior/senior in high school. There are lots of independent scholarships that are available to apply for that may only require an essay on a given topic. I would encourage taking general courses during my freshman year at a community college or in state university. I would encourage no student loans or credit cards. Do an assessment of assets verses liabilities to see what my needs verses wants are and construct a budget system. I would recommend setting enough time for studying as well as leisure activities. I would encourage a healthy diet and exercise regimen because good health equals better retention of material studied and you feel better about yourself. It’s important to keep positive friends around who are serious about their studies and life in general. I would spend time with a sophomore or junior mentor that was in same major. I would encourage a major that is specific for example nursing, accounting, and education from the beginning.


I would tell my self to focus harder. Know what you want and go for it. They are alot of job opportunities out there but the people will only hire the best.


I wish I had known more about the college experience and curriculum before attending college. I feel like I didn't do enough research or ask enough questions. I was not prepared for anything really, including my independence and being away from home or my responsibilities as an adult. In order to finish college and become successful in a timely manner, I should have remained focused on the final goal that I wanted to achieve from attending college. I did not grow up and become mature enough so that I could make the appropriate life decisions. I should have waited a year before going to college in order to figure out what I wanted out of life and how I was going to accomplish getting there. I would not have partied and socialized because it didn't help me and I ended up dropping out of school while watching my classmates and friends succeed. It truly hurt my ego knowing that I was a failure because of my poor decision making. I wasted so many thousands of dollars and 4 years of my life before realizing many things and finally becoming successful.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have changed a lot of things. I would have enrolled in AP classes to advance my nursing degree and be further ahead than I am now in college. In addition, I would have done dual enrollement.


In highschool for most students like myself, you can't wait to leave your parents home and be alone and independant. That is not the attitude you should have. I wish I would have taken the time out to really think about my plans and what financial arrangements would be best for my family and I. To those who are rushing to leave home, measure the cost of the school you plan to attend away from home with the costs of a college near home even if it is a community college. Especially when it comes to taking general courses before actually taking classes dealing with your major. It can save you alot of money, you'll be able to hold out on taking loans out untill it's very necessary like for graduate school because those can be expensive. When it comes to buying books check around to see if someone is selling theirs for a discount or even on websites online. Saving money in college should be a goal everyone wants to aspire. This will definitely keep you stressed free because you don't have to worry about getting money anywhere to pay for school. Stop and think!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I will tell myself to not pick the easy way out. Even though as a young adult and high school senior I would just love to go to college to hurry up and finish my education so I can start my career that is not the way to think of it. I would tell myself to really think of what I want to do and what I really want to accomplish in this world. Even if another eight years is needed to finish my education at least it would be something that I really want to do. I would also tell myself to use my intelligence to the highest degree possible because that is what will help me throughout my years in college and career. I will tell myself to always have a positive attitude on my intelligence and that I can do it, no matter how hard it will get.


If i could go back in time and talk to my self as a highschool senior, I would tell myself to make better grades. I would also tell my self to start looking for scholarships, and apply for everything you can. I would tell my self to go into journalism, so everyone does not think you are just waisting money. I would tell my self not to slack, and to study and work harder to get a job and save all of my graduation and birthday money.


Now that I am a few weeks away from getting my Associate of Arts degree in Social Sciences, I realize that I could have made it much easier on myself from the beginning. When I was transitioning from high school to community college, I had goals but I was unsure of how to achieve them. High school did not prepare me for what was to come. In fact, high school seems much harder now that I have college experience. If I could send myself a letter from the future, I would just say "don't be scared." College seems like a scary place but so does every new venture. As long as you have a head on your shoulders, you can succeed. Take those extra classes, sign up for those clubs, work the extra hours, write those scholarship essays. It pays off in the end. No more "what if?"s. Seize the day. Seize the night. Seize whatever it takes. Don't be scared. Success means that you may fail sometimes. But you are a better person for it. Don't fear the unknown. Make it your own.


I would let myself know that the "clicks" in highschool will no longer matter in the real world. Be yourself and stay focused! Hard work will pay off, and do not let other people get you down or make you feel unsmart. I would also let myself know that studying does not make you a nerd, it only helps!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would definitely give myself better advice for the future. Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would tell myself to not just pass classes with C and B averages, to pass it with more A's then I had. To be the best and to study harder because just taking the easy route didn't help me to excel going into college. I would tell myself to make more friends and have more study sessions to get awesome grades. I would have most importantly told myself to pick up better study habits so that I would already have known how I study best.


I would go back and tell myself that college is not as bad as I thought that it would be. I would even say that in some ways college is easier than highschool. In highschool you have the same classes everyday, and in college you just have two to three classes and meet once or twice a week. I would also tell myself to keep up the good work. I have always tried to be a good student and college should be no different. I would like to tell myself to sign up for more scholarships. Even though I was fortunate enough to get several local scholarships, I could have used several more because of the economy that we are in. I would tell myself not to be surprised with the cost of text books. In college there is alot more responsiblity. Your parents are not telling you to get out of bed and go to class. They do not take you to college. You have to drive yourself to college and be on time for your classes. College is a new chapter in your life it is a chance to expand your horizons.


If I could go back as a high school senior and prepare mysel for college I would of told my self to prepare for the hard work and dedication. Yes I know there was going to be an amount of work to do but I could have better prepared myself for it. I could have prepared myself to work hard and know that you are on your own in college. There is now one here to baby you and ask you why you didn't turn in your work. It's jus you and yourself. I would have prepared myself to start with a bang. Don't come and be lazy, but come and push myself to start off and end strong. These are the thing I would have better prepared myself fr if I could go back as a high school senior.


I would give myself the advice to find the best way of studying for myself then, instead of when I got into college.


I would tell myself to have started saving more money. I realized college would be exspensive, but not this exspensive! Also to have started applying to scholarships earlier.


As a high school senior I would give myself the advice to study hard and never give up. I would also tell myself to just go to school to do something in the medical field because their are lots of opportunity out their. I would also tell myself that no matter what keep working hard.


The most important thing that I will take away with me from my college experience is how be compassionate for others. Our college is dedicated to making sure that each student not onlyhas the medical skills necessary to become an excellent healthcare provider, but they stress the importance of compassion for the patients that we will treat. We learn to put the needs of the patient above all other things. We are also taught treat patients as if they were our own family member, so that to provide the best care possible.


In high school I always tried to be cool and worrying about being a good athlete, but attending a college open my eyes and made me realize how crucial it is to earn an education. I never tried drinking or smoking but I never quite new why and neither did my friends seeing I was very popular in my school due to sports, but coming to college has given me my reason. I don't have time to waste time doing that. I have to stay focused and reach my new found goal. To think I thought about not going to college is insane, but i'm glad I had parents and people that talk sense into me and made me realize my mistake before I made it. Going to college is a stuggle on the money part even with my two jobs and going to scholl full-time. It sucks always having an empty stomach and living off ramen noodles, but I keep going and remember that it all pays off in the end and everyday going to college just reminds me to be appreciative of the opportunity I've been given. College equals Opportunity....Take it.


There are many things I have gotten out of my experience in Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences. All my professor teach us to be engaged in our professions and to be purposely driven, and to make the difference in our jobs. They teach us the significance it is to make an impact on a patient in the health care career; either by providing spiritual advice, or treating them with dignity and respect. They shape and mold us in to professional individuals who will make the difference at work and not just clock in and out; Jesus Healing ministry will be alive and in action and through us all good-will is manifested upon us to heal the sick. It has been very valuable for me to attend FHCHS because I have learned my purpose in life. It is more clearer to me where I want to be, and what I want to be doing in my life as a professional. I am very optimistic about getting there and reaching my goal, and I am very sure that with the help of Campus Discovery I will reach the stars (and beyond them). -Thank you.


My college experience have been worth every penny that I have spent, it has taught me so many life experiences like having an open mind to different cultures, a different outlook on world views, and a broaden medical and academic knowledge. College should be a right but you have to look at it as a privalage, there are people in the world that is not as fourtunate as myself. I was raised in a single parent home and my dream was to go to college one day and become a medical doctor. My mother and father did not have the opportunity to finish school so everyday that I am in school it reminds me of my parents. Having the chance to learn from some of the brightest minds in the medical profession, and sciences allow me to apply what I have learned in my future medical school education and career. Words cannot describe how valuble my education have been, I meet a older gentlemen that told me blacks and whites could not go to the same schools, today I learn with all races of people and I love it . Thank you to all who sacrificed.


My college experience has taught me that you cannot take your school work too lightly, because it is essential to excel if you want to achieve your goal, what ever it may be. You cannot move forward with barely passing grades like some people do it high school. I also learned that if you constantly stress yourself over little things, like a homework assignment due the next day, you wear yourself thin and can easily lose your focus, hindering your ability to shine. By taking everything one step at a time, it is so much easier to thrive academically. I am happy with my choice of college, and I feel that it has taught me the value of success through hard work and discipline.


Looking back at High School I would tell myself to take time to create a good set of study habits. To also take as many health classes that I am allowed so that my load in the science area of study would not be so great in college. I would encouage myself to take a few classes in the summer term so that my load of classes would not be so great during the regular term. I would also make sure that I know what my plan is for the future as I transfer from community college to a major university. I would let others help me navigate the problems of signing up for the correct classes. I would check out the schedule as early as possible. I would apply to a multiple of nursing schools to get the best chance of getting in. I would not have my heart set on just one school but be open to other options. I would take time to enjoy the fun times with friends on campus.


I would tell myself to keep going. No matter what life throws at you, continue your path of education. Take advantage of the help from friends and family. Later in life it will be harder to balance family, work, and finances, and your body won't get as tired now as it 's going to in the future!


Anyone who's gone away for college can probably relate with me when I say I wish I could have been more prepared going into college. If only I could go back to my senior year of high school and give myself a few pointers for the freshman college experience. Like most freshman, I made the mistake of thinking I could take it easy and slack off in my studies just like in high school. Seniors get away with so much because they know exactly how to manipulate their way out of homework/tests/quizzes. However, if you screw up on a test the teacher will not listen to excuses even if you say you were grieving over your 12-year old black lab (trust me). Also, your transcript is permanet and credits are not cheap, so try not to fail any classes. Next, sitting in the back row is not going to get you an A in the class; try finding a seat up front. Oh, and tardies are a big no-no. Finally, if you're roomate's a party animal, see if you can talk to the Dean about getting a new one.


If I could tell another about how to transition from high school life to one of a college student, I would tell them to take a year off. Go do something that would free their mind from the pressures of daily life, and strip them of the American lifestyle that clouds the mind. Senior year is full of teachers, parents, friends telling you what you should do, become, which school to attend and the pressure of making the right decisions. Instead of wasting money and going to a school, declaring a major, you have no idea you will like or not; I say go live somewhere where life does not evolve around yourself. Where you are giving back to a community, where the basics of daily living consume your daily "to do lists". It will give you a real sense of what life is about and give you clarity to find what it is that ignites a passion in your heart. Once you have that experience, education will take on new meaning and give direction in your life, which will bring true success.


I would tell myself to take deep shallow breaths i begin to get anxiety because of the workload. I would also say keep school first and friends second because friends will come and go. The college life here would limit your social life a little but keep your head up, its all worth it in the end.


I would just say do my work and be focused on life. 'If you party now then you will have to pay (sacrifice) later. But if you pay (sacrifice) now then you will be able to party later." High school would have been a bigger breeze if I knew then what I know now. I wish I didn't fool around because I would've been beyond prepared for college. I am beyond thankful that I am in college and I now have goals, but I should've been more goal orientated in high school.


I would not worry so much over major courses, you have no choice, you have to take them. Relax and enjoy the elective courses that you take. Pick a major that you belive that you will enjoy doping for the rest of your life. Enjpy hthe whole experience because once you graduate, it's time to be an adult, with all the responsibilities that entails.


I think it is everyones dream to go back in time and redo somethings in their lives. I on the other hand I would not change a thing. There are things that I went through that I feel was necessary for me to go through. I am a recoverying addict on crystal meth. I have been clean since 2002, and the reason for my success is that I surround myself with successful people. Since 2002, I have been surrounding myself with positive people that are driven to succeed in life. I believe that my experiences has help shaped the person that I am today which, is positive about life, grateful for what I have and also driven. I am happy with the outcome of my life and would not change a thing.


I would have began my harder classes my first year in college.


In order to find the right college the prospective student should have an idea about what they want their experience to be like: fun and games or focused. Housing needs to be planned out (surrounding area), roommates needs to be chosen carefully (messy vs. clean) , and interview students in the prospective housing before hand to determine if living there is as good as it seems. Interview students about their views of the college. The atmosphere of the school should compliment the personality of the student. And most of all, do not go to a college you cannot afford. It stresses all parties and weighs on the student if they are conscious of fiscal responsibilities. The surrounding area is important in the fact that every college student needs a job. Check the unemployment rates of the area.


Taking your time to find the right college is so important. It's easy to feel like your in a rush with all the deadlines of appliactions and the choices you have to make. But going slow and really looking at all the pros and cons will help you to make the very best decision for your exact individual goals. If you can, I would definately recomend visiting as many campuses as possible. This will provide you with a better understanding of what the college is really like in person, instead of just hear say or what you've read on the interent. It will also give you a chance to ask any questions you might have. Then write everything out, for example-all your goals, what you felt/thought when you were at the school...ect. This will help you to sort things out in your head and help you remember what you were thinking when you were there. If you keep what your thinking about each school organized then it will be much easier when it come down to picking what college is best for you.


make sure you take the time and search out the best school for yourself. search for what you really want whether it be the education based learning or just time away with friends to hang out and have a good time


I would say that it is most important to do what it is that interests you. Going into a field and spending money on an education that you never intend to use is such a waste. Find a passion, find something that you feel strongly about and something that you wouldn't mind doing for the rest of your life. I have found something that is meaningful and makes me and my family proud. Prospective students should do the same.


You have to go and feel each one out. Talk to students who attend the school. Dont simply view a web page and say "It looks alright..."


I would advise parents and students to make sure that they have plenty of money saved up to go to college. Make sure that you stay focused and study hard because nothing in life is given to you. Parents and students must always be prepared for hard times.


If your looking for a school who's main focus is on education and not on parties then this school is for you. This is a christian college and teachers bring the christian part of it, all the time. You will get personalized attention here. The dorm (even though I do not live there) are very well monitored and they can be strict when they need to. These dorms are probably parents best friends!