Agnes Scott College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Agnes Scott is a diverse campus that thrives to challenge and help students in deciding who they want to be in college and in life.


By creating a community for and about women, Agnes Scott empowers independent students to effect both personal and communal change, locally and globally. Agnes scott is infused with such a rich historical background that attracts me to engage academically because of its strong liberal arts foundation and its attention to educating women to think deeply, live honorably, engage in intellectual and social challenges of their times.


Agnes Scott College is a diverse, open minded, liberal, empowering womens college.


Agnes Scott is a place where women learn their power and their ability to make things happen in ways that would utterly shock the world.


A community of diverse and engaging women who have an honest thirst to elarn and communicate with others. This type of small and repectful society is able to produce a diverse type of discussion and interesting options for social gatherings such as cafe y pan con Latinas Unidas or Summer block party with Witkaze. These enpowering flavors of diveristy in cultures allows students to become women in engage int he discussion of their times truly aspiring and accomplishing whta it means to be an Agnes Scott Women.


A diverse, small knit community with professors and administrators who want you to succeed in life.


To cover all of the glory known as Agnes Scott in one sentence is difficult, but I would say that faculty, staff, and fellow classmates will go above and beyond to make sure that you, the first-year, are taken care of mentally, physically and emotionally on every level.


Agnes Scott is an all womens, liberal arts college that focuses on the needs and the importance of education for their students.


Agnes Scott College is a culturally diverse, environmentally friendly, intelligent community of women ready to make their marks on the world.


The classes were very engaging, the professors were supportive, and eveyone was friendly.


Agnes Scott is an excellent college for women that teaches them to be independent and resourceful.


Academically challenging and friendly.


Agnes Scott is an out-of-the-box women's college in the deep south that nevertheless encourages diversity, open-mindedness, intelligence, pride, self-esteem and a go-getter attitude.