Agnes Scott College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The dedication of the students to their academic life, and their participation with school activities.


Agnes Scott is best known for it's small class sizes and its intriguing class discussions. Our professors are always helpful and open to all types of opinions. Our professors are not only teachers, but advisers and many times help us on our journey to find who we are and what our purpose is.


Allowing women to come to their full potential in a comfortable environment.


Agnes Scott is best known for being very diverse and accepting of people of all races and orientations. It's also well known for being worth every penny. Unfortunately, Agnes Scott is not well known outside of Atlanta because it is so small.


The science program and the beauty of the campus




Producing strong, educated young women


It's an all-girls school from 1896.


Agnes Scott College is known as a hidden gem in a big city, being Atlanta. It is academically rigorous and challenges women to think beyond themselves, exploring outside of their immediate comfort zones. As a women's college, it also builds self-esteem and confidence in its students that pushes them to be empowered women in a world ruled mostly by men. The campus is beautiful with deep green grass and Victorian-style buildings, and this combined with the welcoming students and caring faculty makes for a very homely setting.