Agnes Scott College Top Questions

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The school's focus on being environmentlly stable.


more financial and smaller school


Agnes Scott is a private, all-girls Liberal Arts College, which means that class sizes are so small, you have a better relationship with your professor so that they can help you better; the fact that it is an all-girls college prevents students from worrying about what they look like and they can focus more on studying; and being liberal arts allows the student to be a well-rounded individual having taken many classes in fields outside of their majors.


Strayer University is a college that caters to students that have been out of school for a period of time; as well as students that jungle a family, job, and other great obstacles. I feel that with me attending Strayer University is the best choice I have made in my furthering my education.


Agnes Scott is a women's college which supports women wanting to explore and change things in the surrounding environment. From the president of the college to the staff in the dining hall everyone encourages growth and self-exploration by utilizing the strengths of others as well as an individuals' own strengths. I wanted to be comfortable and engaged in the learning atmosphere without being overwhelmed and Agnes Scott provides that with small class sizes and efficient instructor-student interaction in the classroom


The traditions unique to a small school.


The college is all womens, which allows for an academically rigorous courseload and unique feel. The campus is beautiful and well located (right outside of Atlanta), so there's always plenty to do and a way to get off of the campus "bubble." To top it off, it gives wonderful financial aid to everyone who needs it. Lastly, there are a lot of leadership opportunities on campus and there's always something going on. Really, I don't think there could be a better fit for me.


It is a beautiful campus that has a lot of historic buildings


An all female environment for academic achievers willing to engage in intellectual community.


Agnes Scott is so different from any school I ever would have considered. Its small, its a women's college, and its in my hometown. However, once I got here, I fell in love with the size, the campus, the professors, and the community. Everyone here is so supportive and helpful. All the students are also encouraged to do whatever they want and try something new. I'm a musician, but last year I tried cheerleading, and it was a great experience to be able to do that, even though its something I'd never done before.


What's unique about our school is that we are feisty scotties! We are known to speak our mind and let everyone know how we feel. We all take education to heart like every other school, but us scotties take it up a notch. Because Agnes Scott is an all women's college, students here feel very supported by each other and we are all opened minded.


It's a small enclosed campus that almost seems like a big happy family. Everyone knows everyone and the professors interact with you outside of class.