Agnes Scott College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Agnes Scott College?


There is no cookie cutter tpe of mold for the women of Agnes Scott College. Instead their is a collage of the faces and voices seena dn heard through the campus halls or the evening gatherings. Women of rich cultures from Latin America to Malasyia these differing locations allow for open minds to absorb the offerings of travel. The STEM programs and the writing festival attract women who differ in field but share a similar taste in learning and applying.


A person who can adapt easily, easy going, and fun loving


If you don't mind to face challenges, If you don't mind to share your stories, If you don't mind to listen to other stories, If you want to be respected and be respectful. Come to Agnes Scott College and spend 4 most meaningful year in your life here. And give us a visit, I will host you whenever you want. You will discover something really interesting once you have stay here for real.


I think that strong, well driven women should attend this school. Agnes Scott has a lot to offer, but in order to recieve these things, you have to be focused. You have to work hard and be prepared to be challenged in and out of the classroom. I also think that it is also good to be open minded when attending Agnes Scott. People here like to express themselves and their beliefs, so I think it would be best if you were open to listening and understanding those that do not share the same culture and beliefs and you.


Strong-willed women


A person who loves to learn and a person who likes a small campus with small class sizes. A person who is not afraid to speak her mind on all topis and she needs to be able to embrace all types of people, especially they ones who don't look like her. She needs to be prepared to work extremely hard and maintain her GPA. A woman who loves people, life and her community and has a passion for whatever she wants to do in life.


The type of person who should attend Agnes Scott College is someone who isn?t really interested in partying, but also doesn?t want to graduate in 2 years.


Someone who is willing to work hard and put in extra effort to be successful




A focused woman open to very liberal ideas.