Agnes Scott College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The person who is not willing to listen to others views and opinion of issues our soceity faces and those who do not want to learn in an all womens environment should not attend Agnes Scott College.


The type of woman who shouldn't attend ASC is a woman who believes that women should not have the same opportunities as men in the work place and be just as if not more successful than other men. ASC provides students with great opportunities to become who they want to and become the version of success that they want to achieve whether that be a CEO of a major company or becoming very successful with volunteer work.


Those who wish to just get a degree in something to please parents or just get by. Lazy students do not make it at this school.


The type of person who should attend Agnes Scott College is someone who isn?t really interested in partying, but also doesn?t want to graduate in 2 years.


People who are academically focused, and looking for a small community- like learning environment.


A close-minded person who always needs to have males around her, who is not independent and unwilling to learn new things should not come here.


Girls who are boy-crazy


A guy. An ultra-conservative. An ultra-liberal. An ultra-anything (we like to have an open mind, especially in classes).


The person that likes to party all the time and the person who is financially disadvantaged. Also, the person who wants to go into any type of engineering field.


An uninvolved, socially unconcious man.


anyone who wants to attend an academically challenging school


Somone who is looking for a co-ed, large schoool, homophobic and afraid of change.