Agnes Scott College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


What I wish I had known before I came to Agnes Scott is my major.


I wish I would have known more about what Agnes Scott stood for. Before I started here in my Sophomore year, I went to a relatively all-male institution which had taught me to think in a very straightforward manner. Through Agnes, I learned to question and to think with passion for my interests. Agnes took me by surprise. I believe that there is nothing I could have learned about Agnes beforehand that would have adequately prepared me for the shock to my system that was Agnes Scott.


I wish I knew that having a car is very convinient, even though the school itself is somewhat central and has public transit access.


I wish I would have known how hard I was going to struggle financially. I love attending Agnes Scott, but I wish that I did not have to work as hard as I do in order to pay for it.


Some upperclassman dorms don't have air-conditioning, but they're fine if you have fans. Evans has kind of weird hours, but you get used to them.


Before attending Agnes Scott College I wish I had known that the financial aid of the school was limited and the number of available scholarships were designated for academic and community performance only. It also would have been beneficial to know that funding designated to the college by the government is based on enrollment and the contributions of alumni. As a result I would have known that the school has been under a state of construction for the past 6 years, thus funding has been redirected to beautifying the college and not to the students.


The financial aid situation and the amount of work it takes to maintain financial aid awards


I wish I'd known exactly which classes were actually offered from the course catalog, so that I could've arranged to do join enrollment at another college or university nearby so I could've taken all of my required courses in a shorter amount of time.


Although I had never been to an all girls school I felt that everyone was so friendly and helpful I was able to adjust quickly so there isn't anything I wish I had known before hand.


I wish I had known how incredibly dead the campus is on the weekends. No one does anything. There are no parties or regular social gatherings on campus. Anything group that tried to form an event is usually not well attended. On the weekends everyone leaves the campus to escape to the other college campuses nearby - to fraternities, boyfriends, girlfriends, clubs, etc.


I wish I would have been aware of the amount of wealthy people that attend this college.


How much more wonderful it is than I thought it would be. They really have catered to what I need as a student, a person, and a citizen, and I really appreciate that. They've worked with me on financial aid, my major, and everything else I needed help with.