Agnes Scott College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the education. The professors know their stuff and are always willing to help. The class lectures are well structured and some professors have hands on activities that will also help you learn.


The small size.


The chance for women to find their voice.


The atmostphere of community, and the commitment to equiping women to be phenomenal !


Small class sizes, warm faculty and a friendly, supportive environment.


The location, we're right near Atlanta and all of the social, job, and internship opportunities such a big city provides but we aren't actually in Atlanta and the suburb that we're in is much smaller, nicer, and safer feeling.


The personal involvement by faculty in a student's well-being and areas of interest are no only reassuring, but beneficial for the student both academically and professionally.


alumni network


The best thing about my school is the area that we are located in and the space of the campus. We're located 5 min. away from Downtown Decatur, so for the students it is really easy to obtain transportation, to go to the grocery store, and shop around. Since our campus is not too big and not too small, everyone basically knows each other which creates a friendly environment. The classes are small compared to other schools and the professors are all willing to help their students gain knowledge and success.


The best thing about my school is the fact that you can connect so well with the professors. Because it is such a small school (only 900 females) there is more focus on how you as an individual are doing in a course. They genuinely care if you are falling behind and do all that they can to help get your feet back under you and pass the course.