AI Miami International University of Art and Design Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for the fashion programs that we offer. Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Design are our biggest, and in my opinion best fields we have. However, we are also known for the variety of art majors such as, Graphic Design, Photography, Web Design, Advertising, Computer Animation, Film and Digital production and much more! We offer all of these various programs for every type of student from all over the world.


Culinary Arts


My school is best known for artistic students.


Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Desgin


What most describet Miami International University of Art & Design is the preparation that the school provides for students in the Career Services. The career planning help students to look for job on campus and off campus, also prepare the student to know how to present their portfolio when the time comes for the student to have interview . With the help of carerr planning the students will know the appropriate ways to present themself to a million people or corporations as a Designer. This University gives the opportunity to students to become sucessful on their career and to accomplish their goals.