AI Miami International University of Art and Design Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If a person does not like art and sensitive about art objects this school is not for you.


Lazy people, people not sure what they want to do, non-goal oriented or non-career oriented people


If a person is not creative or lacks the desire to be creative, he or she should not attend this school. Upon entering the school, one can see the artistic and creative side of the students and faculty immediately which is extremely inspiring. One must have a creative side or an edge where being creative could flourish. Independence and confidence are also apart of being a successful student at this school, because risk is involved in being creative. One will find his or herself putting all of his or her ideas out for all to see.


This school is definitely for everyone. No matter the case, everyone has an artistic or creative side to them that they have yet to explore. This school provides many opportunities to discover hidden talents about a person.




Someone who likes small classes and a very personal experience with the faculty.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school would be a person who is unorganized, lazy and not willing to do the work. This school requires you to do at least four hours of class work per class outside of school. If that person doesn't do the work there could be a possbility that they would fail their classes. This person needs to have a goal and looking forward to graduation and working in their field. The person that doesn't belong at my school would not have these ambitions.