Aims Community College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A unique self challenging expierance!


My school is small and it actually remindes me a lot of High School and that is why I want to transfer to Fort Lewis College in Durango so I can move on to bigger and better things, I wish I would not have gone to Aims out of High School and insted just went straight into a four year university or college.


Aims Community College is a wonderful school. The teachers are competent and really love their jobs and their students. The services are well organized and literally at your fingertips.


Aims Community college is a quality school that allows for students to obtain a quality education from superb instructors for a quarter the normal price of education; it's awesome!


Accepting with a personal sence between both the students and teachers, without a feeling of judgement within the class room.


A friendly, community oriented, helpful and fun place.