Aims Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear luke, Defeat, I know it better than the back of my hand. I cast the shadow of a shallow burn out but at least it’s what I leave behind. There comes a distinct point when we ask ourselves what else is out there? While most shudder behind closed doors for the fear of something different; it’s something different that my heart cries out for! We have been let down over and over again categorizing this polarized picture of disappointment in the back of our minds. But there are other choices -- if you want them. Education has taught me one thing. The system might fail you, but don't fail yourself you see It’s a case of self-motivation and nothing more!


If I could go back into time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would definitely tell myself to enjoy it as much as possible. Even though I knew college would be hard, going back now I would prepare myself for not only the transition into college, but also the transistion into life. My world got turned upside down when I got into college and I would want to let myself know that big changes are coming, but I really have to buckle down and push through it. I would also tell myself to look more carefully into different colleges to make sure that I am one hundred percent positive that I find a college that I am absolutely in love with and would be the best fit for me. I would remind myself to take everything into consideration and to stay as positive as I possibly can.


"Get your head in the game girl!" I would say to myself if i was to talk to myslef as a high school senoir. I regret not trying hard in high school, having all those opportunities to get all those scholarships. College isn't cheap and now my family must work hard to give me a better education than what they will ever have.I would go back and make sure my eyes were open to see that my family wants to be proud of me, to be a shining star. I regret many things and having that lack of wisdom really made me open my eyes now.


I chose to go to a community college right out of high school, even though with my 4.0 GPA I had the option of going wherever I wanted. I chose this because I wanted to go the cheaper route and so I would have smaller class sizes starting out. However if I could do it over I would tell myself to just take the plunge and go right into a 4 year college or university after high school. I would tell my self how unhappy I am at Aims and how I feel like I waisted time. I would make sure I just put my self out there and went straight into a 4 year school. I would also tell myself that worrying about the cost isn't the most important thing, I need to make sure I will be happy where I end up no matter the cost.


Be patient and don?t be too focused on the images of the future. There is no sense in trying to live years ahead of where you are. Do as your PE teacher told you do and set realistic goals. In times of struggle, push through because it will certainly be worth the effort. And if there are times you question what you?re doing ? STOP ? and think about it. It may not be immediately pellucid to you, but what you think you should be doing with your life, isn?t what you should be doing at all. Do yourself a solid and look at the possibilities. Always strive to better yourself, get involved, and never ever let someone tell you that you cannot accomplish something. Kindness like laughter is contagious and if you want friends act friendly because it is this behavior that will make you college experience worth it. The people you meet as a result of your being will not only last through college but also a lifetime. The overall transition is not arduous, but be prepared for the unexpected like missing your mom.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would have an earful of advice for myself. It would start with, YOUR MOTHER IS RIGHT. Get your degree now, before you are immersed in the daily responsibilities of work and family, later it will be more difficult, yet not impossible. Your mother instilled in you the work ethic and dreams of her immigrant past, continue to use them wisely to advance your own academic goals. Dedicate yourself to the next four years of completing your Bachelors Degree, time passes quickly. That degree will provide employment options as well as the satisfaction of knowing you have achieved your educational potential. I married my wonderful Air Force Officer husband after two years of college. 5 children and 21 years of marriage later, I am still working toward my degree. Take advantage of the opportunities you have now and most of all embrace every occasion to grow as a person, you will be glad you did.


I would tell myself to work harder and to complete all work on time. the most important thing is showing up prepared. life can take many different turns and as long as you do the right thing and work hard you'll make it. just be prepared and don't procrastinate.


Hey man. As you are getting ready for college I have a few words of advise for you. First get plugged into an organization on campus as fast as possible! This is the quickest and easiest way to get some good friends that will help you along the way. Second, don't spend all your money on food, and movie rentals. Make your money then save it. I know people are always telling you that, but if you actually apply it you will go to UNC faster than you expect. Finally, enjoy yourself, but treat your school day as if it were a work day; from seven to five you work, not play. Have fun buddy, and don't let anyone put you down.


Pay attention, do your homework, listen to your parents, take exceptional notes, never be afraid to ask a question and above all be yourself. You will feel much better in life and be more content if you would be yourself more and stop trying to conform to whatever everyone else around you is trying to be. Dont worry so much about what the other kids are thinking, this is only highschool. All of this is such a small amount of time in the grand scheme of things in life and what happens in highschool is so insignificant for the rest of your life so focus on your accademics more. Because the accademics in highschool are what set you up for the rest of your life, litterally. What you make for grades in highschool carries over into college which will carry over into your adult career because employers will look at transcripts if its a big company. So dont get so distracted and caught up in all the petty unimportant things. Have fun but always keep in mind your end goal, work as hard as you can so later in life you can enjoy the rewards of your hard work.


Being that I have been out of school for so long it's been hard to get back in to routine I would tell myself that it is well worth going to college right after High School. I think that the time I took off was not wasted but I would tell myself the faster you get college done the more time you will have to spend on your career in life and be able to study for a masters once in the field wanted. I think that college is a well needed education that should not be put off for any reason it only makes it harder to go back and try to remember all of the knowledge learned in high school.


I have always thought about going back in time and doing things different in high school. My high school was very small. Everyone knew each other. Students and I got away with a lot during our senior year. We really did not have a lot of responsibilites. If I could go back and change things in high school I would. I would change the amount of time I put into to school and my social life as a senior. Grades are so important. Athletics in high school were so competitive but if I stayed in them I would probably be a compeltly different person today. The high school I grew up in was all about sports and names, very poliitcal. It would be great to go back and do some things differently. I am not sayting that I am not happy today, no not at all, I am extremely happy at how far I have come to reach my goals of becoming a Elementary teacher. I would just do something differently if I were given the chance. I have learned so much after graduating high school that has helped me out a lot today. I can not complain.


If I could go back in time, and tell myself anything, I would tell me, your going to make mistakes, your going to be put down, but you know who you are, and you know what you are about. At the end of the day, the only person you have to look in the eye is yourself, so be true to who you are, and do what you have to do to get what you want out of life. It only happens once, live it to your fullest.


The advice I would give myself is go to school now as a graduating senior. Do not take off a year to work or to "have fun". I would tell myself to get this part of my life done because later in life your going to have a beautiful family that needs you to be successful and needs mommy to work, not just papi. That college needs your undivided attention to go above and beyond just like your children will later in life. Set aside any financial worries you have about college because the college will help you to receive financial help. Maria, you can do this because later in life when you have a family and a job you really care about that house that you and your family pray for will be yours. It is a small sacrifice of time to go to school when you are single but it is so rewarding to feel like you are working toward something so young in life and an even greater feeling when you accomplish it. Later in life when you do have a family it is a very big sacrifice that your family gives so that you may succeed.


I would have to tell myself that college is an optainable goal. I would explain that I can afford to go to school even though my mom stole the money that was saved for me to go to college by applying for financial aid, scholarships, and going to a community college for the first two years. I would convience myself that the debt of student loans will be worth it when I get a degree. I would also inform myself that my body is not as indistructible as I once thought, hence doing physical labor will not be a lifelong choice and that it is not financially rewarding. Therefore, I would say that if I want to be able to support my family, be able to work, and be proud of my career, I would need to further my education. I would have to convience myself that college is not as scary a transition as one would think and that no matter the financial situation I was in, I could go to school and obtain a degree. I would explain that college does require a lot of dedication and study time, but that it can be fun as well.


I would tell myself to hurry up and go straight out of high school. It feels great to be on my way to a career, and my last few years would have been better spent in school. It also would have made things easier to go to college sooner; I would not have forgotten so much of the material I learned in high school in the meantime.


I went to Estes Park High School. We didnt have as many opportunities as other larger high schools did. I think one year they offered classes down at Front Range Community College. I would tell myself it would be a good idea to take a few of those classes, because I could be a littler further ahead. Also, I took a year off from when i graduated to when i attended college. i would tell myself that this is a wonderful thing to do. I would tell myself to give me the time to grow a little bit more, and figure out what i wanted to do before i waste the time and money on classes that wont benifit me!


I would tell myself to focus more on renewable and green technology as it relates to energy and our natural resources.