Aims Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I would say the best thing about my school is the campus. It's not too big and it is also very beautiful and is easy to get around. It is the perfect size and everything is placed to where it is easy accessible to students.


The best thing about this college is the fact that help is closer than you could ever imagine. They assist you in what you need help in and give you tools to become successful.


Finding the best isn't very hard. The teachers and staff of my college are world-class. Some of my instructors have actual experience under his/her belt. It?s not like high school where they just teach out of a book or base lectures from his/her own college courses. These teachers are knowledgeable in his/her field and if one takes the time to get to know them, it?s very rewarding.


The best thing about Aims Community College is the accessibility of the instructors. I have attended large 4 year Universities with freshmen classes of 300+ held in an auditorium where the instructor was a dot at the front of the room and gone before I could make my way down to get questions answered. At Aims the classes are small and the instructors are available immediately after class, and they hold regular office hours during the week. I have learned a great deal over the last semester because my instructors were accessible when I had questions.


Some of the best things about attending Aims Community College are smaller class sizes, getting to know students going into your selected profession, and one on one contact with professors. I feel that communication is very important with your professors. At Aims students can bond with their teachers because the class sizes are so small. Smaller class sizes help students become known in classes whereas at a University your only known by a number. When taking classes that go towards your degree you will meet many people going into the same profession. You will see familiar faces in your classes.


Small class size, and low tuition rates.