Alabama A & M University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at Alabama A&M are focused on their education when their education is their first priority.


Everyone is different so all my classmates are diverse.


I would describe my classmates as a diverse family away from family.


My classmates are eager to learn and enjoy going to class.


Well, my classmates, for the most part, are somewhat friendly. Sometimes some are not so friendly, but only the incoming students.


My classmates are loud, never attend class and they always have excuses as to why they dont have their homework and why they dont do their classwork and turn it in on time.


They are well-educated , diverse selected group of individuals who enjoys futhuring their education.


Classmates are students that have the same strive to improvement their minds and use those skills to improve our United States.


Most of my classmates are cooperative and focused on the mattter at hand and very easy to work with.


My classmates at Alabama A&M University are very different as many come from various backgrounds and are accustomed to being associated with one thing ,and they are used to achieving at goals previously set in thier secondary education.


My classmates are very knowledgeable, focused, extroverted people.


We all come from different schools, in which we never learned the same things


My classmates are dynamic. You have some that are study bugs and always in the books, and then there are those that are super laid back and chill and just let things go naturally. Its a great blend and their personalities vary widely. But they all have some cool aspects about them.


My class mates are diverse, some care about their education and others don't.


My counterparts are real loving. At our university we hold the door for eachother and speak to others we don't even know. We are a great big family. We don't fight and we interact very well.


Learning based people, however some are more talkitive then others.


My classmates are very energetic, openminded, intelligent, and creative with a love of higher education.


Classmates are usually very willing to help each other and look forward to group assignments because group efforts seem to bring about better results for the majority of the class.