Alabama A & M University Top Questions

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The school pride in our band and the way that the students can gather and come as one.


The way students interacted with eachother. Also, the historical significance this campus contains is also a unique attribute at this university.


Alabama A&M university is a tight knit school as well as a Historically Black college university. It takes pride in the success of its students and was founded by a former slave in an effort to give minorities an equak chance at a great educational opportunity.


The family-oriented type of environment seems to be a unique quality here at A&M. There is a sense of family unity, even among teachers.


Alabama A&M is a very unique school from my other choices as being a Historical Black College and University (HBCU), you are constantly surrounded by people of your color if you are of the African American race. Although this may benefit you in some ways, it lacks the diversity that you will see in the corporate world.


At my school we have regular cafeteria lunch. At most schools they have different resturants. We also have almost every sport here.


Something unique about my school campared to other schools is that it is an HBCU meaning it is an historical black college/university, and it is very cultural rich.


My school has a sense of school spirit that I have never seen before in my life. There are times where all the students, teachers, counselors, advisors, fans, friends, and family of the school come together as one and celebrate school spirit. The people who are involved in our community are very helpful and kind, and makes being an Alabama A&M bulldog an experience of a lifetime. This experience is one I want to finish and share with everyone that I know and will know, or anyone I will ever come in contact with in my lifetime.


It is a historically black university