Alabama A & M University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I mostly brag about the unity of the students and how talented eveyone is.


I brag about how AAMU is better than ASU in all sports and that we have one of the best football stadiums in the SWAC.


The campus life would be the most thing that I would brag about my shool.


How much I truly love my school and how great I am doing.


What I brag about most are the school spirit of both current students and alumni, and the willingness of professors to help students succeed.


When I describe my school to my friends I tell them how beautiful my campus is and how lovely the area is in general. I also tell my friends that my classmates and I work together to ensure we all do well and no one gets left behind.


i brag about some of my teachers and the faculty there also.


I brag about the orginizations that I am apart of. I am very proud of my affiliations on campus as well as the bonds that I have made through the years.


The different majors and the football team.


The supportive teachers, school spirit, on campus activities


I brag mostly about the social part of the school. The student activities, fraternities, sororities, and student government. I also brag about my accomplishments of finally making it away from home, out of state, where I can attempt to start a brand new life.


I brag about the student life. We interact with each other, form clicks, and just have fun with each other. Dorm Life was the best.I loved my dorm and stayed in the same room for 3 years straigh. The dorm life and being in a family environmet. I can talk about the sneaky stuff we did in and out he dorm rooms all day. Being on campus and interacting with the student body. We came up with fun for ourselves without Student / and Student Life was the Best and I love A&M for that.


It is a laid-back school that focused on making sure that you know the information not just pass all of the test.


When i discuss the inner feelings concerning my university first I state how historic it is. It's very intriging to know that the founder of the university is buried here on our campus along with his wife and majority of the individuals that our buildings are named after. Our university has over 160 campus organizations. Academics are great, teachers push the students and there are many tutoring services available. Most of all Alabama A & M University is a home away from home. It may not be the best university but it is a Great one!!!


Our football team and homecoming.


Our sports team!!!!!!!!!!


Alabama A & M university is a great school to attend. The Instructiors and faculty are there for the students. There are a diverse of majors offered to students.


I tell the about the many buildings on campus. I usually discuss with them how it's so much like city life in New York or Los Angeles. I also talk about the many events we have on campus and I tell them about the many challenging courses offered.