Alabama A & M University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person that is strong minded , determined to do wat they want to do.


students who should attend this university should be well focused students. you have to be very commited to your education. also , should have very good time management skills.


At this school, as in alot of other schools, it takes a person who id well self disciplined as well as ambition. anyone attending this school should have the desire and will to succeed as well as the love of cultural background.


A person who would be interested in attending a HBCU and wants ti receive a good education.


This question is hard to answer, because if the person is like me they will end up transfering as i have


Anyone who is willing to earn their college degree(s) and fit the requiremnts to attend the University. All ethnicies are welcome, and it is predominately an African-American populated university.


A person who really wants to attend an all black school. Someone who is patient and understanding.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is self-motivated, out-going, and goal-oriented. They must be able to adapt to being at a school with mostly black students. People who don't come from a very rich background usually come here. The cost of living and tuition in low. Also people who are looking for an oppurtunity that may not have had many can come here and succeed.


Students that are motivated to be somebody one day. The student who always been the types of person who has a tremendous amount of desire to achieve. Stundents that think A college education will increase the ability to understand developments in science and society, to think abstractly and critically, to express thoughts clearly in speech and writing and to make wise decisions.


Any individual who wants to achieve the goals that he/she had set for his/herself.


The kind of person who should attend my school has to be secure within themselves. Also, one who comes to college to better themselves and lead a bright future.


The type of person who should attend this school is a student who is goal-focused and would love the opportunity to experience an HBCU. They should also be the type of person who enjoys meeting new people and developing relationships with their professors as well as other administrators. They should be prepared to deal with the problems that may occur at our school but at the same time know that our administrators will do whatever is possible to correct these problems with the interests of the students being their main focus.


Anyone intreseted in attending an HBCU in the South.


A person who is willing to put up with any and everything from a college that most of the time doesnt care about their students.


Anyone really there is a lot of different people here from different backgrounds anyone will work out here.


More african americans, this is a HBCU.


A person that wants to attend an HBCU. Someone who wants to play sports or join a fraternity/soroity.