Alabama Southern Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Attending Alabama Southern Community College has been the best decision and it is ok to go to a community college first. At a community college you get to truly decide what you want to do with your career before you start taking core classes so just be patient and take one class at a time. Get involved in activities now in high school and when you go to colleg, do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Make sure to learn good study habits now and have good time mangament skills so you will be ahead when it comes to studying for those hard tests. Enjoy this time of knowledge and be patient knowing that you are preparing for your future and your legacy


I would tell myself to do not take study hours lightly. The free time you have do not use it texting and partying around, use that time to work on the mistakes you have made on work you have donein class. The mistakes you have made on subjects in class, you will make them in college if you do not take the time out your day to correct them. I would even tell myself to be more ambitious in trying to find a way to succeed instead of depending on people. I would say you need to strive to get where you need to be in your educational life. You can not depend on everyone to hold your hand and help you through every downfall you have, you are going to need to learn and be able to handle things like the young adult you are about to become in less time than you think. Its time to grow up into an adult and handle adult situations on your own. Senior year is not the time to give up on trying to succeed, Senior year is just the beginning of becoming successful.


I would first ask myself, "Do I want to be at a big school and meet alot of people?" Then I would say that its best to attend a four year college because most jobs now require an Bachelor's or Masters degree. Don't try to take the easy route and go to a community college, get an associates degree, and be happy. Go to a four year college, pick a good major, meet as many people as possible, learn as much as possible, graduate a happy human being, and get an awsome job.


The main thing i would tell myself is to stop trying to grow up so fast and just enjoy what I have along with the time I have with my friends and family. I would try harder in my studies and focus more on getting in to a good and stable college instead of going to parties all the time and trying to "live it up." Last but not least i would walk away from all the drama and just let things flow more naturally


First, I would definitely tell my high school senior self to "stay focused." Make sure you end your year on a good note and know exactly what it is you want to do then do it. Make sure you fill out all forms and applications you need in order to attend a college of your choice with no worries. Another thing I would have to say is that you must keep up with your studies. So many of my classmates either did not know the lessons we were reviewing over or they just totally forgot how to do it which greatly affected their first semester grades. The most important aspect I would have to tell you is that you must truly take in everything your teachers tell you about college life. They were not lying. You should feel relieved that your math teacher talks to you and your classmates everyday about the college life, prepares you for lessons that she knows college will teach, and how a GPA in high school is nothing to brag about once you enter college because it is a whole different ballpark. Please don't let me scare you though, college is a great experience.