Alabama State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Alabama state university i would say is a family, where we support, strenghen, and build each other.


Discover quality learning among other minority students, with grade "A" teachers, in a clean environment, at Alabama State University ; home of the Hornets.


Alabama State University is a school of rich cultural history, knowledgeable teachers, and family oriented.


This school is the defintion of the south.


I will describe my school as a very teaching orienated school.


Alabama State is a wonderful college anyone could graduate from with a great Education.


My school is a conservative, proud, HBCU(historically Black college and/or University), that is deep rooted in family values and success.


Its a very outgoing school who allow anyone with a heart of education to attend.


ASU is an under-rated school that is now making big changes to bring the school to its full potential.


#MyASU is very misunderstood!


its a great university to learn at but you have to keep focused.


My school is very unorganized.


Alabama State University is a very diverse school. There are so many students of different ethnic backgrounds and its very interesting learning about everyone. I had been out of school for about 8 years, so returning to school is a big change for me. The professors and my fellow students made the transition very easy for me.


A historical black college that is a melting pot of different cultures.


Alabama State University is a historical balck college that offers its students opportunities to meet people from all over the world, get hands on experience in their perferred field of study, as well as an education.


My school is a Historically Black University. It has a lot of cultural history pertaining to the civil rights movement. The campus is closed and safe. We are located minutes from downtown Montgomery, so there are plenty of jobs and career opportunities near campus. My school offers a unique learning experience that is motivated by culture. We have a variety of majors to choose from.


it is full of life long learners.


Its alright but it cost to much an i really want an education.


my school is very education, a good learning inviroment and determined to make students succesfu.


My school is a good school that supports the students in all areas they need like deciding on a major, finding a work study job, and also help with classes.