Alabama State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I consider the worst thing at my school is the way the financial aid and administration handle money.


Plagued with professionalism issues; lack of professional disposition varying from departement to departement. Was also surrounded by a bad neighborhood


The worst thing about Alabama State Univeristy, is the parking, and I have to walk along way to my classes.


The lack of ethusim


Worst thing would be, the lack of social activities during the week and weekend. this is a college campus students should be more involved and engaging


I would have to say that some of the resources used in the classroom could use some improvement. We have boards that will not erase anymore, old fashioned overheads, and horrible wifi connnection.


The worst thing i would consider about my school is the transportation needs to get around for shopping and etc.. I think ASU should have tranportaion for students to travel on atleast twice a week. Being able to purchase personal items is a must and would be beneficial for students especially those who stay far from home.


The worst thing to me is not enough school spirit from the students i think its bad because you should be proud to represent your school when you can.


Currently it is the parking, because the school is undergoing a re-vampment in structure. This school's existence is over 109 years old and is in the process of getting a new face; that new face includes a new stadium, library, parking deck as well new classrooms. Because of all the new construction, it is not the best thing to deal with. Convience is very important for most Americans, and to have to park so far from the classrooms is not necessarily the best solution, but it does have a forced advantage, Exercise!


Housing and food.


The worst thing about ASU to me is the way the students dress. Its understandable that you are in college and you can wear what you want but its not good to look nasty or thuggish.


The worst thing about my school is the internet service. I hate that I can't get on the internet from my room with my laptop.


The worst thing about Alabama State i feel is the lack of professionalism when it comes to handling business so to speak. It has been a few times where i needed the assistance of a person where as they directed me to a student who wasn't quite familiar with how the school does business. Every time i would call a department of the school, whoever was on the other end would just say for instance housing, or student accounts. Thats fine because i know its' Alabama State housing or student accounts but a less familiar person may not know.


The distance from my family


The worst thing is the attendance policy. You can only miss three days.


The school spirit here is in need of improvement badly! The worst thing about my school is most students lack in the school spirit department. When our sports team is winning then school spirit is sky high! Then, when our teams begin to lose then school spirit goes away. This makes your college years better! Also, it is an important issue to me because this promotes a continuing strong alumni base. Without this it make it harder on the university to continue maintaining funds. Thus, it is forced to raise costs or find other monies to continue business.


there is no job-placement program...


I dont consider anything to be worst at Alabama State University, everything is just right. The students, teachers, campus living and education all wonderful,because " When We (Alabama State University) teach Class, the World take Note".