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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My senior year in high school was displaced by my lack of understanding the magnitude of what was to come afterwards. I had no more direction than a blind man walking into a crosswalk, and it took me nearly 8 years to figure out what to do. As a result of not knowing what direction to go, I have amassed a large amount of student loan debt and lost time through transferring from school to school. This is a paradigm that my peers and I can identify with due largely in part to being pressured into pursuing post-secondary education before having an endgame in mind; though they may be successful in their academic endeavors, they do not understand how to effectively transition out of the "in-school" frame of mind. So, to myself, I would pass along the abstinence mantra: WAIT. While you wait, work, or go to the military just so you can actually gain some experience doing something until you meticulously figure out the particulars and, most importantly, develop an exit strategy. Post secondary education can be a money, time, and resource trap if you do not plan accordingly to take care of those things before hand.


GO TO CLASS! Do the best you can and dont slack off, it will catch up to you. Take advantage of the teachers and their experiencce. Participate in as many things as you can.


First off I would I say to buckle down and stop worrying about everyone and worry about myself. I would tell myself focus on school and not on girls. Most of all I would tell myself to look at college and jobs early and be about the business of getting to goal. Looking towards college life it won't but with a good mind and god you can get through. To my past self I would tell him to pray, trust in god, and focus in school because the other things will come later. A gpa and trying to find the right school is now.


If I could go back in time and give my high school self some college advice, I would tell myself to pay attention. I would say “Shameka, read all of the chapters in the textbook and spend two hours outside of the classroom studying your notes.” Also, bring your textbook to every class and take good notes; also, start getting your professional business attire together. And don’t be afraid of what you don’t understand and connect the dots. Think about your day before bed and analyze how to be better tomorrow. Your first year is going to be rocky but hang in there you will make it out on top.”


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about college I would first start off by telling myself to pick a school close to home so that I will have my family there when I need them. I would also tell myself to learn a good study habit and better my oral and communcation skills. I would also encourage myself to join as many organizations as possible and finish high school strong with a high GPA. But most importantly cherish your senior moments because it is gone in the twinkling of an eye.


I would advise myself to stay focused and prepared for a tough transition. Going from a varsity high school soccer team to a divison 1 athlete was the hardest transition for me. Going into my freshman year I lost focus on my academics and on soccer due to being caught in the social life. I would tell my senior self that grades are extremely important and no matter how easy the class is I cannot slack. Also that I should never lose my passion and confidence for soccer. Soccer has alway been a get away for me and during my time in college I seem to have lost that passion. I would also remind myself that it is all about the quality of friends not the quantity. All I will ever need is few close friends and a strong education.


Congratulations! You are a senior and you think that you know everything. The truth is, you are wrong. college life isn't quite what you thought it was going to be. You no longer ride the bus to school and you don't get your books for free. Apply early for the college you want to attend. Get your priorities in order and don't mess around. You carry the reputation of yourself and those who raised you, so your decisions should be honorable. Don't skip a class because you are bored or just don't feel like going. Make plenty of friends who are willing to study with you. Sign up early for your classes, because if you don't, you will regret it later. You also have to take on the responsibility of finding yourself work, appling for scholarships, and getting moved into an appartment. The daily routine is a little easier for college students who attend a four year college with the right scholarships. At a tech university, you have to drive yourself to school and can't enjoy the luxuary of living so close to your classes. Under no circumstances do you fail a course.


The advice I would give myself would be be in more student activiey that is how you get to leran who your peers are. The reason for that students organizations get alot of attention even if you were in a student organization in high school you should keep it under your belt when you get to college. The next thing I would say are to keep up with the money you have coming in from your FAFSA many times the school can loose your information or either the computer system can shut down. Make copies of everthing you recieve becasue the school will be quick to say that they do not have that information on file. If schools had someone to file paper work and also keep it on the computer I think the world would be better becasue you know that they have two copies of everything and you would also have one. If i could go back and rewind my life I would becasue the things I have learned , if I just got the chance to do that I would and I will tell people be careful about the decision that you make .


While in high school, learn how to use your time wisely. There may be times where you are overwhelmed with work and want to do other things. The most important thing is to have your priorities in order. Your school work comes first before anything. Set a time aside everyday or every other day just for school related things, but also give yourself the time to do things that you enjoy. This may restrain from depressing or stress. If you stress things will only get worse. So, the best thing is to use your times wisely. Also, learn everything and listen to what your paarents say. They know best. Expect nothing from no one. You are going to college for a degree nothing more. After that, everything will fall into place. Dont worry about anything that doesnt help you in your future. College are the best days and times of your life. Have fun but dont forget the purpose. Do work and party and celebrate later. In the meantime, have fun but also learn and work hard.


Life has a way of showing one the truth of themselve when the truth is the solution to all problems. I would explain to myself the importance of a "game plan." Organization is not only the key to successful semesters but it is also the key to graduating in my projective time. I would explain the value of a dollar and the importance of understanding financial aid. Then I would advise myself that home sickness is real and the further I am from home the more I will miss Rochester. Perhaps we would have a discussion about the importance of health so my early 20's would not be spent in doctors and hospitals. Most importantly I would tell myself to choose an institution that best suited my needs and dreams. A school that is beneficial to the advancement of my intelligence. Finally, I would remind myself that education is first priority. Sure, I should enjoy life and have fun but nothing should detour my dreams from coming true. Then I would remind myself that those goals I set for myself, both short and long term are reachable and to keep faith in myself.


My greatest piece of advice for my high school self would be, "Don't lose yourself". "There are so many things going on in college that it is easy to stray away from who you are and what you are there for. Don't forget your plans DIamond, don't forget what you are working so hard to accomplish. You will meet so many new people, some temporary, some long-term, but in the end the person who matters the most is you. When you mess up you you will disappoint yourself more than anyone else, so don't mess up. Take advantage of every opportunity placed in front of you and don't be afraid to reach a little further beyond your original goals, because the peak of greatness is always growing. The parties, the socializing, these things will always be there in every stage of life with different groups of people but this is your chance to make this experience everything you want it to be and to come out on top. No matter how close to the bottom you are you haven't touched it yet." Because figuring out college is hard to do, especially alone.


If I could speak to myself prior to my college career, I would teach myself one word; discipline. I would show myself a vision containing a woman with discipline and a woman without it. The female that lacks discipline will seems successful, however the majority of the goals she declared as her own will not have been attained. The woman, who dreamed to become a doctor, has settled for life as a nursing assistant. Living a productive live, however it is not the one she dreamed of. Then, I would portray a woman with discipline. This woman is consistently working towards something. She is active in her community, physically admirable, and progressing well in her desired field. She has the blueprint to success in the palm of her hand and she is building a legacy. This vision would allow my younger self to establish lifestyle changes that would develop and create a better woman. If the life lessons I learned could be applied before the hardships that taught me, I would be unstoppable. This would help my transition to college by improving the mental focus that I lacked. I would understand the importance of time and the failure in procrastination.


My advice to high school senior me: Dream bigger. I know that you think your dream is fairly big now, or you think that is all you are capable of. You are wrong. Don't worry though, your college years will be great so don't regret any of it. However, the dreams you have going in, will grow bigger than you can ever imagine coming out. The people you meet at Ivy Tech will know what your true dream is before you do. You will meet an amazing, incredibly inspiring mentor and a wacky, super talented instructor that will change your life forever. Listen to them. Don't be afraid to take a few chances. If something seems impossible, make it possible. Remember: "can't" has never been in your dictionary, so let's keep it that way.


I would tell myself to stay focus because when you ar in college it is very easy to lose focus because of all the things that are going on around you. Professors in college are nothing like teachers in highschool. Although their main concern is deliever the information to ensure you recieve the best education as possible , college professors are not on you all the time about turning in assignments and completeing work and their is almost never a second chance. Studying and staying ahead is a very important key point in colleges because once you are behind its hard to catch back up. I wil also tell myself to keep my grades up freshman year because alot of freshman do horrible their first year of college simply because they have trouble with the transiton . This affects your GPA and your ability to qualify for scholarships. It is very easy to pull your GPA down but very difficult to pull it up.


If i had an opportunity to talk to my old highschool self i would tell myself to stop messing around in school and really focus on my 4 years of highschool knowing now that i need a higher education than to just have a highschool diploma. I would definitely say to my self that the choices I make in life now will affect my future to have a great career and job. Don't wait 5 years just to go back to college and to stop procrastinating on the things that are really important to me in LIFE. Knowing now that life is rough outside of highschool and very difficult to handle, but if I was to make a difference and behave in school, get good grades, listen to my teachers I know that college would have been a breeze if I just focused on my GOALS. Life itself is like a roller coaster its our decision if we want to go for the ride to even take a chance on something that is very important to ME. I would also say to wait on having a child because it is very difficult to go school and have a child.


If I could go back, I would tell myself to study and prepare more. I would tell myself to remember that it is not always about the partying and finding new friends. Academics is most important. You will fit in when it is time, but until then, focus on making good grades and being the best academically. Know that it is ok to have some fun, but do not go overboard. Class in the morning is more important than staying up late. It is not about having all this freedom, it is what you do with it is what counts. DO not be influenced by slackers and keep your head high when people try to knock you down. Do not denounce your values and beliefs for anyone. Respect and get respect. Lastly, just be yourself. You stand out more when you are different and let your inner light shine bright! Good luck, with college comes great responsibility. Have integrity, and see graduation day in your future!


The first advice I would give myself is start saving up ever bit of money you make. The struggle is real in college. Undoubtely, the education process is totally different from high school. So start preparing your mind and setting it to stay focus on the education, not the parties. Please do not let the boys get to your head and betweeen your legs. Your education is more important than the parties and boys. They are there to only distract you, more like the devil putting obstacles in your life. Stay focus and pray everyday, keep in mind "I can do all things through christ, whom strengthens me" -Philippians 4:13


If I could go back to my senior year, I would have told myself not to procrastinate and be sure to do everything pertaining to college on time. Make sure that the college that you plan on going to is the school for you and to make sure that you tour the campus. Another thing I would have told myself was to make sure that you kept your GPA high and to keep up your grades. Be sure to practice time management skills before you get to college, because once you’re in college you have teachers that really don’t if your paper is late or if you didn’t do your homework. I would have told myself to study for the college entrance exams. Without these it’s nearly impossible to get into a good school or the school of your choice. Another reason why these college entrance exams are in important is because you can qualify for so many scholarships and you will be able to have more options under your belt. I think that you should get used to not being home and being away from your parents and prepare to meet a lot of people.


If I could go back in time coming out of high school as a senior, I would attend college in another state, no children and I would be out of school at a young person. I am happy because when I started at Alabama State Univeristy, after the first semester my GPA was 4.0 and now it is 3.0, I am a 61 years old female very very proud to be in school, I have 46 hour before I am finish I give God all the Praises.


I want you to get prepared now for college. Learn about different schools and learn what your options are.


That making good grades and scoring high on the Act will help better the chances of getting a scholarship


I would tell myself to stay focused because college is not a walk in the park and the lessons I am learning in high school are goin to prepare me for college. I would become more independent because there is no one to depend on in college but yourself. I would study harded that way everything I am learning now would be nothing but a review. I would not focus on remaining friends wth people because most of them you wont talk to again in life anyway. I would tell myself to save money because college is expensive.


Wake Up! You have some work to do, you're depressed, and the last day you went to school was Monday. Well, it’s Thursday and we definitely don’t want Child Protective Services to come here and investigate your living condition. Also, I don’t want you to be a statistic; you are the fourth of six girls, raised in a low income property in South Central CA. Not to mention, one has graduated from High School and none has gone to college. I believe you have potential beyond belief; you just need to find it , so let’s focus on you, and get to work. All my life I’ve been the one to make a change, a change for someone else. I never knew my true potential, and I used all my time and energy to make others more successful. I was a people pleaser, and when I had no one to please, I did nothing with my time. If I had the opportunity to go back to my high school self, I’d tell her, you are a beautiful, determined and intelligent young lady and no matter how bad your conditions, you must fight for yourself.


Always do your best and never give up on your dreams.


I would advise myself to take my studies more serious. I would tell myself not to worry about the boys and the drama. All I need to worry about is my school work and that includes the ACT. I would make sure I studied for the ACT in the first place not having to take it 3 times. I would make sure I understand that my studies SHOULD always come first!


If I could go back and talk to my high school self, I would tell myself to always prioritize because some things are better to be put on the back burner for my education. I would also tell myself to never become a procrastinator because nothing good could come out of that, especially over time. But other than that I think that I was pretty well prepared and the things I had to learn from my school I truly appreciate because I have to make mistakes in order to grow.


I would tell my high school self not to lose focus and not to be a follower. When I got to college I partied a lot and lost focus on what was important. I put my work last and parting first, just to fit in. Now, I am almost out of finical aid and if I would have just stayed focused I would have completed school. So high school self, don’t follow the followers, FOLLOW THE LEADERS. You never know who is a leader until you follow yourself!


Brandon Dixon Advice to Your High School Self July 16, 2012 Advice to Your High School Self Selecting the college you want to spend the next four years of your life is a big decision. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that you research different colleges’ admission requirements, financial costs, and areas of study. It is very important to make sure that you do not wait too late to take the SAT/ ACT, to make sure you have ample time to take the exam if there is a need to improve your score. Make sure you keep your GPA in good standing Most importantly, schedule an exit meeting with your guidance counselor to get information about various scholarships, and information on various colleges and universities. Get involved in community service work because you can develop skills that will help you in college such as time management, organizational, and interpersonal communication. Let your senior year be a time for enjoyment, excitement, and being stress –free. It would be helpful to speak with your minister, teacher, and family to share any concerns. Being prepared is the best way to start


If i could go back and talk to myself i woulld inform myself that college is not an easy road and i will be faced with intense study hours and situations that require the utmost critical thinking. I would advice myself to take the time to learn as much as i could and to take as many AP classes as i could so as to not worry about the intro classes that most colleges have for incoming freshmen. I would also suggest to myself to actually sit down and look for as many scholarships there are possible so that it would be easier on the financial status of the family so that i may attend college. College is a very expensive experience and can become very stressful without the appropriate funds to finance such an oppurtunity. Finally i would say to myself to enjoy the time in high school and to also enjoy the free time in college. College is a time to crack down hard on and study but it is also an experience to sit back and enjoy.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about college, I would tell myself, “Stop rushing to the end and take the journey. Education is important, but who you know is also essential. In life there will be a lot of things you will be faced with, some that are in your control and some that are not, however, if you remember to put God first, everything else will fall into place. Never quit and never leave a job incomplete because inconsistency is a bad habit to break. Always be yourself, because when you try to impress others by being something you are not, you lose sight of your goals and aspirations. Always stay focused on the bigger picture; your dreams, because the biggest hindrance to success is direction. Enjoy your life and stop planning every moment, because you can’t plan life you can only be available for it.


Dear self, Taking the time out to think, listen, and learn a bit more will definitely help you in the long run. college isn’t like all the movies you watched and most certainly isn’t as easy as Elle made it look on "legally blonde", but I know if you buckle down you'll be able to do it. Get some better sleep habits lord knows you'll need it considering all the class times and rehearsals are going to be draining on the body (trust me I know). Don’t let anyone pull you away from the books for a few moments of fun that turn into months of night school because all the time wasted there could be used doing a dual enrollment program which may get you a leg up on the rest of the freshmen on campus, and last but not least be more involved in the activities of your schools after all once this year is over you have nothing but life ahead why not leave a long good standing history behind that shows a history of greatness. Well I guess you get the point so I won’t preach. Sincerely, You


The advice that i would give myself would be to have joined Air Force Reserves so that it could help pay for my college education. This would bring less stress on my family and me. With that, i would have more time to study and i would be guaranteed to have books for all my classes. I would also advise myself to score really high on the ACT so that i could be funded numerous amounts of scolarships. I would further advise myself to push my self to the limits in sports as well as academics. Knowing all of this would have made college a little easier for me and less expensive.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to stay focused. Get as many scholarships as possible. I would also tell myself to be patient and perstistant and not allow anything or anyone to get in the way of my dreams. i would also tell myself that with the ingreadients of hardworwork and patience ntothing is impossible. The world is your oyster ! Go for it !


If i knew about college when I was a senior in high school I would have definitely went to another school and made my mind up on my future career. My mom was terminally ill with cancer which is why i chose to attend alabama state university to be close in route to my mother. My mother passed in September 2007 when I was only a freshman in college. I always dreamed of being a Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner. I was accepted to other colleges but I chosed ASU. If i can reapply for college and go back to high school I would attend Troy University in Montgomery Or Auburn University in Montgomery.


While being a high school senior, I had less rules because I was about to enter as a freshmen in college. Although I was in advanced classes and was in top rank for my school, I still had a chance to enjoy the high school life. Here at college, you basically have no rules, except for the school policy but thats not hard at all. Being disciplined is whats going to help you at any college. For example, less parties, no sex (if so be responsible and have one partner), less hanging out and more studying. The advise I would have given myself while I was a high school senior would be to stay in my books, maintain a good standing for my grade point average, and never let any one influence me of the bad but the good.


If I was able to go back and give myself advice when I was a senior in high school, I would tell myself to make sure that you have matured enough before you make the decision to go straight to college because it is not as fun as it seems. You have to learn to make the right decisions with everything that you do.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice, Id make sure that I told myself to put all my effort into school and not to worry so much about missing a party or picking out my clothes for the next day. I'd tell myself how hard work and determination will pay off. Education should have taken the front seat and everything else should have been in the back. Id let myself know that not getting good grades in high school makes applying for colleges and affording tuition much more difficult than it needs to be. I wish that I could have told myself that it would all be worth it someday, because I really believe that no matter what lies ahead, it will be.


As I walked up behind her, I knew she had already sensed I was there. Then again, we are the same person but one from the future and one living in the present. She turned around as I appproached. Just as I expected. I was like looking in a mirror, only with more defined features. I spoke to her, "Word of advice", then waited for are response. She gave me all of her attention so I proceeded. "Make sure you score the highest on the SAT's as you can. A high score is the best score. Make sure you research different colleges in the state for the addmission requirements, programs offered, cost and deadlines. It would also be a good idea to visit too. Apply early. Do not wait until the last minute. Apply for scholarships early too. Try applying to atleast two every night. When you get to college, stay on top of your work no matter what. Do not settle for a C or even a B. Least but not least, stay positive. Do not stress over things you cannot control." She nodded her hear with a sense of gratitude. We then returned to our lives.


I would pay more attention in math and chemistry class bcause it is catching up with me. I would also encourage myself more because college can get the best of you.


As a high school senior, I thought I was the prettiest, smartest young lady Detroit, Michigan has to offer. Now, 3 years later I know I was young and dumb. Yes, I was pretty and yes, I was smart but I did not know everything. Advice to give my high school self would consist of all the life lessons and hards-on learning I've gained at Alabama State University. I'd tell myself to mainly, lose that arrogant and "know-it-all" attitude. Once I made it to college, I was introduced to so many different people from so many different places. There were students a lot more advanced than I was and older too. I most definitely didn't expect to see grown students in my classes. Next, I 'd advise myself to become optimistic in regards to my peers and the way other people, besides myself, decided to express themselves. I'd also advise myself to learn to be EXTREMELY assertive. Being a "go-getter" increase your chance of success at ASU. Lastly, I tell myself to learn to live life to the fullest. Studying is important and imperative but not everything.


While being in highschool if i knew what i know now, I would have studied more by myself rather than studying in groups with my friends. I say this because its very important to know your study habits in college that way you can be aware of your weakness and strong areas. Its not bad to study with friends but most times you will need to be self influenced and and independent while studying. Having study habits by yourself can never stir you wrong because you will be able to understand your work in angles that work BEST for you.


I would tell myself to be ready to study a lot. It's important to keep your GPA up and keep those scholarships. Also, don't let other people influence you. Be yourself and if people don't like it then that's their problem, not yours. Don't put friends before schoolwork. If they're truly your friends, they will wait for you to finish studying.


If I had to go back to talk to myself as high school then i would have told myself to be determined. I will also tell myself to take school serious.


i would ell myself, not to be afraid that college is not as hard as some people make it seem. also, i would tell myself to really study more beause the same things you learn in highschool you will learn in college.


I Would have told myself to focus more on my grases. Also, to spend more time looking into scholarships and grants. I would have been more organized and settled on what i wanted and needed to do.


i would change the fact that i couldve done better my freshman year in college, but because I was youngand didnt k


Be happy. Pray, pay titles. tell the truth. never give up. pray for the right girl. get your life together first before you can help others or find the right person.


I would tell my self that you will have to prepare a lot more, your going to have to be ready to study. In college your treated like an adult so be ready for responsebility


I if could go back to high school knowing what i know about college life I would focus more and registering for advanced placement course to better prepare myself for college level mathematics and science courses. I would also spend more time on my studies verse with my friends that would also help tremendously with begining college coursework. Lastly if I knew than what I know now when i was a high school senior I would be more active in the community and extra curricular activities.


I think I made fairly good decisions as a transitioning senior. I would only change my level of seriousness with studying for the SAT. I would also tell otherss not to worry about clothes and dressing up to go to every class.