Alabama State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The offices not answering the phone


I would have to say in a nutshell that the most frusttrating thing is the schools lack of acknowlegement to it's ever present LGBQT students.


The lack of decent amount of wifi connection is the most frustrating thing about school. Almost all assignments are to be submitted online and it is hard to do that when the internet connection is down. Wifi is only found in certain sections of the school making it less convient to students who rather work in their dorms.


Its very unorganzied. The school isnt very clean. The elevators are always breaking. I just dont feel we're getting the quality that we are paying for.


I would have to say the most is that the cafe food isnt good. I always thought that College food was supposed to be good and be gourmet but it isnt. So that would have to be the most frustrating thing at my school.


The pressure of keeping your grades in check.


THe most frustrating thing about my school is the cost. I am a honor student and I was not offered a scholarship. I was told that I applied too late to be considered. And because of this I am ineligble for the remainder of the time that I stay at ASU regardless of honor student status. I really don't think this is fair.


The most frustrating this about Alabama State University is the limited amount of scholarships offered from the school to students.


The shortness of funds and not many varieties of food.


The most frustrating thing about Alabama State is the staff. What I mean by that is some of the people that work in the bigger and more important offices don't take as much pride in their job as they should. While their main focus should be on doing their jobs at their best they really don't care. Here at ASU it also gets frustrating when they constantly lose things and don't communicate with the other staff to get important things done.


Nothing, I truly can't complain about anything frustrating on my campus


The peolpe in the offices are always losing students paper work.


Sometimes the faculty, excluding the professors and teachers, act like they get frustrated with us. Mainly, the financial aid advisors. I got into graduate school at alabama state, and I was never once told that in Graduate school, you cannot receive financial aid. They had me fill out a lot of paperwork, only to tell me in the end that I had to apply for student loans.


The availability of having double majors. The time conflict of registration when you have full-time courses dealing with time-conflicted classes.


They give you the run around when you is trying to get information on your financial aid.


They are not organized and they give you the run around.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the staff in the finacial aid office are quick to kick students who have nothing out of there dorms because they cant pay a certain amount for school. Thats the most frustrating thing about my school.


the housing


Disrespectful staff


the most frutaring thing about my school is sometimes its hard to get new sstudents involved. i believe that the falciulty could do something to make them feel a little more acclimated.