Alabama State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known that the college is a small campus. Also, Alabama State University has an awesome Education program.


I wish I knew about more of the scholarships they had to offer to Freshman Students. Another thing that I wish I had known before coming here was how rude some of the staff members that worked here was. You do have some people to care for you like the professors, but the people that are behind and in the offices are VERY rude and can be inconsiderate.


I wish I had known more about scholarships and internship opportunities.


Alabama State University has done a great job providing information about the university. I wish that I would have took the time to research the credit earning process, financial aid, and about tunition and fees. It is very imortant to reseach a college before enrolling so there will not be too much confusion. Attending college is a transition, but if you are prepared it will ease the stress.


I wish i knew the limited recreational activieties at school and the limited things to do in the city.


I wish I knew how much harder I had to work in college than in high school.


When I first arrived at Alabama State University i had the mindset that it would be alot harder than high school was. But when I finally got started attending classes I soon learned that it wasnt the same as high school, I was on my own no more parents waking me up and no more teachers calling home to my parents, if i wish I wouldve knew anything before coming here it would have been that college is alot easier than high school and you make life long friends.


I wish I would have known rthat many offices like financial aid work slow. I also wish I would have known that the school puts lots of emphasis on fraternities and sororities.


I did research on the school before attending, so I pretty much got everything I expected.


I wish that I would have packed a little less then I did. But in all honesty I wish that I would have realized what kind of time and effort was needed to succeed in my classes, and in doing so life would have been much easier at the start of the semester, but with help from older brothers in the house and some of my pledge brothers I have been able to make that change.


I wish I had known about the scholarships that they offered.


Luckily, I had a great guidance counselor in high school and was well informed of Alabama State University. I participated in Upward Bound Math and Science and was able to live on campus during the summers when I was in high school.


I wish I would have known that the school was sorrounded by the projects. My school is located near public or low income housing, and i didn't know that.