Alabama State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Progressive ideals, moved forward with technology and still growing


The classrooms sitting and the teachers are always welling to help.


The best thing at my school is the students. Because the students make the school. without the students there wouldn't be an ASU!


Alabama State University is an institution of higher learning and life-changing events. The best thing about attending Alabama State University is the experience gain through organizational activities on campus and a sense of identity and heritage that students gain through community service activities associated with majors concerns of the Black community.


THe best thing about my university is the professors, they are always more than happy to help and lend a hand i the process which makes the natural shock of college a bit less crazy.


Everything about my school is great!


School Pride. Academics first.


The relationships that I have built with other students is the best part of this school. Many of my friends span from cities across the country. I love meeting new people and being exposed to their environments. I also like the level of respect I am treated with by staff and instructors. The campus is very comfortable and modern.


The best thing about my school is that you have soo many african american young people going to school trying to make a better life for themselves, especially the black men we have here. So many times you hear about our African American men out in gangs, killing each other, and living off of the government not trying to do anything with their lives, but here I am soo proud of the young men here who are not trying to be like those negative stereotypes.


The best thing about my school is its distance from the city. Everything is not far off campus. It is very close to the Interstate-85. There are all sorts of stuff to do off the interstate. Of course, you need a car to do that, and the worst thing about Alabama State is that recently, it imposed a rule that freshmen are not allowed to drive to school unless you live off campus or have an off campus job. But there is stuff to do off campus, you just gotta find a ride if you are a freshman.


At Alabama State University, I think the best thing is the teachers. They always try to help you with your work when or if you are not doing well in their class. They really care about their students and they want them to succeed.


The best thing about ASU is the theatre becuase people in the theatre are more like a family than anyone else one campus. Also, the theatre gives you a chance to express yourself and a chance for serious exposure.


The professors. They are what make the quality of the education I receive at Alabama State University.


What I consider as the best thing about this school is the ability for the students to enjoy the "yard" campus setting. Alabama State is a historical black college that is in the process of updating their facilities. The students do not dwell on the fact that their are many schools in the state or neighboring states that are much more updated dorms. Many students pick their college because of their dorm/living space. Students enjoy the fact that the classroom sizes are small, with great instuctors and you will have a degree and a great career.