Alaska Pacific University Top Questions

What are the academics like at Alaska Pacific University?


The university has medium sized classes which fill up the quickest and have the most students. At the most my biggest class has 100 people in it. Once you decided your major or area of focus the class sizes decrease and the teachers definately know your name and what your goal and passion is. The faculty is very supportive. I am a communication major. The most unique class I took was Intercultural commuication with an emphasis on understanding Japanese, Alaska Native, and Mexican cultures. It was insane how different all three were and I learned so much about Alaska Natives! I grew up in Alaska and the things I didn't recognize about beliefs and how they influence behavior was amazing. Anyways, my least favorite class was ECON!! It is a degree requirement so have fun. The school's academic requirments are very similar to all the college requirements. There are a lots of classes you have to take to earn your degree.