Alaska Pacific University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Alaska Pacific University?


I like Alaska Pacific University because it is small, has an outstanding student/teacher ratio, is technologically current, has great teachers, and is on a beautiful campus in Anchorage.


The small class sizes, evening and online classes for the working student (as myself).


The Landscape. Alaska has a lot to offer especially for students who are interested in the outdoors. Even though it is in Anchorage, after driving only 5 to 10 minutes you are somewhere amazing. Also there are so many professors who have don extremely amazing things and it is great to look up to them and ask them questions.


That we have the Early Honors Program, which I was in last year, where you finish the last year of high school and start freshman year of college at the same time with double credit. This way, when graduating high school, the freshman year is already done. I also brag about just being in Alaska. It's so beautiful and adventurous here! Just a 30 minute drive from campus and you are in complete solitude in a forest of snow, its like nothing else. Everyone also travels here and takes classes that goes to other countries.