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What is your overall opinion of Alaska Pacific University?

Is Alaska Pacific University a good school?

What is Alaska Pacific University known for?


My overall opinion of the school is that it is supported by a community that cares about solving real issues. The students are never pushed to the point where they are uncomfortable in the class room setting. The biggest complaint is the lack of transportation to and from campus. There are shuttles on campus and I believe there is shuttle transportation off campus but only at certain times. This cause issues if you need to go to the grocery store when it is -40 outside in December. You can usually bum a ride from your roommate if they have a car or a friend of a friend but still, I would seriously consider an investment in a practical used car if you go to this school. The school has a lot of school spirit and pride especially when it comes to the university's hockey program. The games draw good sized crowds of a couple thousand and the game's are fun to watch. Most of my time is spent at the Wood Center and the library, of course. The Wood Center has a Taco Bell, a sushi cafe, a place to buy fruit smoothies, coffee, cheeseburger, whatever you feel like. There is also a pool lounge, a bowling alley, and a big screen TV where you can go watch sunday NFL games if you like football. The best thing about this school is all the intramural sports like soccer, tennis, flag football, and basketball that the university organizes because it gives you a chance to meet new people that enjoy similar activities.