Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The majority of my classmates are fairly intelligent and were high ranking students at their highschools, and as they were in highschool, continue to be hardworking individuals striving towards their goals in the medical industry.


All my classmates are very nice and everyone is friendly so it is easy to make friends.


I have not yet attended Albany College of Pharmacy but I am going to assume than any student that is gearing towards a profession in pharmacy is going to be intelligent, trustworthy, responsible and have integrity. I feel that these characteristics are essential in a person in order for them to be a Pharmacist.


My classmates are cheerful, nonstop studying people who I always see in the library study rooms.


My classmates are a diverse group of about 195 people of all different ages and ethnicities of all kinds.


My classmates are diverse, smart, fun, and very academically focused.


I did not meet any of them yet but I believe they will be intelligent, cool, and responsible.


They are used to being the best and the smartest.


My classmates are friendly and I feel like I can talk to any of them without being judged.


Very focused, extremely dedicated to school, always studying and doign work, very diverse


My classmates are all extremely hard working individuals that know what they want from their education. They are friendly and willing to help those in need. There is a good variety of students from different ethnicities and countries that like to share their culture with others


Although I will not begin my classes at Albany College of Pharmacy until September of 2010, I imagine that my fellow classmates be be intellegent, motivated individuals that possess a strong work ethic.


My classmates are coopertive.


My classmates are willing to do anything to help others progress and reach above and beyond the goals that they have set out for themselves.