Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for how hard the curriculum is.


Not sure where to begin, this answer ranges from being one of the dormitories having private bathrooms to the difficulty and complexity of the programs. In all honesty however, I believe this school is best known for not only its intense curriculum but the oppurtunities that are presented for you in completion, and enrollment of this university.


The amazing pharamcy program where the graduates go very far in life


Albany is best known for being one of the best Pharmacy schools in the state. We are a small group of students who really take our future seriously.


The school is best known for the high caliber students it graduates. Students that graduate from the school are more than prepared for their professional careers and usually have little to no problem finding a job or career right out of school. The school exposes student to so much material and clinical situatons that student are generally always prepared for any situation.


This school is best known for the tough cirriculum and the amount of success graduating students have once out of school and searching for careers.


Rigorus studying.


The school is best known for its academic excellence in the field of Pharmacy. The majority of students are studying for their Doctor of Pharmacy degree. The school has a 95% passer rating on the New York State licensure exams. The job placement rate for students is 98%. The school provides a rigorous, yet professional course load that prepares students for their future in the pharmacy field.


My school is best known for its firm roots in pharmacy education. Students come here trusting that they will get good education, talented faculty and a overall great experience.