Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Top Questions

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Guaranteed acceptance into the pharmacy graduate school, as long as the specific requirements are met, is unique in that it takes away a lot of stress and worry from the students because they do not have to worry about graduate school applications unless they plan on applying to other universities!


Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is unqiue because it is a very career oriented college. The work for every class is very applicable to whatever profession a student is interested in. Also, the lectures are very small and the professors are excellent. While in lecture porfessors are very accomodating to questions and often will address an issue during lecture. Outside of lecture professors are more than willing to meet with students to give them and one-on-one attention he or she might need. Overall, the college makes it easy to become a well rounded professional adult.


It has a strong focus on the pharmacy field that the college teaches. The school works hard to keep its students focused and preparded for the pharmacy / medial schoolinmg they are there for and to get them ready for future classes of the profession years and preparation for teh career ahead of them once they graduate from the school. It is well diverse and much activities going on for the small school that it is in the small location its placed.


Its less urban which allows for a more tight knit college community.


It's small and everyone in each class knows eachother. All the teachers know all their students and class sizes are small.


The academics is unique about the school because its demanding but it pays off in the end.


While I was on my college search I knew that I wanted to major in pharmacy. I began looking at all of the pharmacy schools in the Northeast and decided that Albany gave me the best option regarding education, distance from my house, friendly campus atmosphere, and career guidance. Albany College of Pharmacy, was also very clear that they would not punish me due to my illness that requires monthly infusions. All of the teachers and deans have worked with me personally and have helped me maintain my academics during hard times due to my illness.


Its a small school and therefore is a very close knit close and everyone seems to know everyone else.


ACPHS is different then other schools I applied because while most schools you seem like just a number, at ACPHS you are a person. They are always in contact with you and are eagar to help in any way they can. While I have attended other colleges, ACPHS has been the most helpful and professional. They want you to succeed!


The majority of the student population consists of Pharm D. students.


My school has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, and offers career- and health-occupation- centered classes that allow students and professors to focus on information that is pertinent to everyone's career goals. Professors don't have to worry that students have diverse interests related to the subject matter that they are teaching.