Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The meal plan is something I always mention! We may not have buffet style dining; however, the food quality is superior to any other schools' foods I have tasted and the food is generally much healthier than typical college dining hall food. Also, not having buffet style makes it easier to stay healthier and avoid the infamous "freshmen fifteen."


When I brag to my friends, I tell them how this is a paper less college. We rarely use notebook because of the technology advancment that we have. With new programs, it is very easy to communicate with your professors, view notes, and find your assignments. I would also tell my friends how great of a campus it is here. Although, it is a small campus, it serves its purpose and still has a campus feel to it. Being located in a large city, it's nice to know that I can feel safe and at home here.


I tell them how there is about two teachers who help keep me sane and the rest of the time my friend pick up the slack. I talk about how your best friends spend more time studying with you than sleeping and how the Panther's den is a good way to relax. I talk about how our school may be a bunch of study addicts bt we know how to let off steam. I do admit to them however, I will recieve a lot more thorough education than they would care for, but it will be worth it.


the ability to complete such an intense workload


I'm very proud of my school. I always encourage my friend who are aspiring to become Pharmacist to apply to my school. This is because the environment and social life in my school is ok and friendly. My school has well equiped laboratories, libraries, and sports areas. The professors and advisors in my school are very knowledgeable, well prepared, and willing to help at any time. My school have centers that can assist students that are challenged both academically and mentally (stress management, depression, smoking etc).


I really enjoy the simple fact that I am attending school to be a pharmacist. I feel that it is a very prestigous occupation and am proud to be on that path. I am a child of parents who did not attend college and that to me is an accomplishment as well. I like to tell me friends that I am still in the program and not everyone has made it this far. Its nice to know that I am halfway done to recieving my Pharm D. degree.


I tell them about the various classes I have taken in my college that have helped me significantly increase my knowledge about science and how our body functions. Also, the people at this college are extremely polite, courteous and nice.


That I'm still in this school which has such a huge attrition rate where so many of my friends have failed out. The fact that my GPA isn't stellar doesn't matter because the fact that I'm still there is good enough for me.


There really is nothing to brag about.


I mostly brag about the fact that I have a nice chemistry lab that I love. My science department is pretty nice.


Coming here will be a challenge, but the final outcome and the career you will get when you finish will be totally worth it.


That is is a small tight knt community