Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences?


This college should only be attended by those who are very dedicated to academic success, as many courses it offers are challenging. It is an appropriate place to be for those who may feel overwhelmed or intimidated by large communities because the student population is somewhat small. Prospective students would need to be able to cope with stress, accept some occasional criticism, and follow a standard code of reasonable behavior.


Any one can attend this school. If they have the motivation and are able to push themselves to be the best they can be, then they will excel in this school. There is no criteria on what kind of person should attend. It is more of anyone can attend, but does that person themselves have the motivation to succeed in whatever they do.


I believe that not just anyone can attend this school. Albany College of Pharmacy is a very difficult school with a demanding program. A person who would like to go here would need great determination and a desire to be here. Coming here is something that you WANT and are passionate about. If you love pharmacy or health sciences then this is the place to come. You just need to be ready to work on the first day all the way until your last. You must have a great work ethic and be open to a new learning experience.


The type of person that should attend this school should be a person who is ready to buckle down and take care of their education. I have heard that numerous people who attend this school right out of highschool fail or drop out. There are many of us who want to be transfer students but there are no more seats. Then find out half the student body failed, those seats could have been given to someone who was ready to be at a school this challenging.


Some one that is very science based and does not mind a lot of studying. The work load is heavy so they nned to be ready to study. The school is very small so the person should be able to get along with most people because you will be with the same people in many of your classes.


To attend Albany College of Pharmacy a person should have a strong work ethic, determination, intellegence,and the motivation and confidence to be the best student and individual possible. Additionally, students attending Albany College of Pharmacy should have an interest in chemistry, medicine, helping others, and making a difference in the lives of others directly or indirectly.


People should attend this school if they are very interested in becoming a Pharmacist. Strong bonds can be made with your peers becasue everyone is going through the same thing that you are. The work load can be a lot at times but, overall it is manageable. There are a lot of opportunities to take a break from the work and enjoy yourself for a while. Being in the city of Albany means that there are concerts and other events occuring on a routine basis.


While this upcoming year will be my first year attending ACPHS, I believe prospective students should be serious about their education. While it is a good to have a great college experience, pharmacy school isnt't a party school by any means. If you don't enjoy science or math, pharmacy and ACPHS is most likely not the best fit for you. While having worked in a pharmacy is not required for admission, if you have worked in one and absolutly loved it, ACPHS is the right fit they recognize egarness and excitment of the profression.


The type of people that schould attend this school are motivated people. The school that I attend is not easy and requires hours of effort and hard work. If someone is not willing or does not want to do all this work then this is certainy not the right school for them due to the demanding nature of the programs.