Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences?


It is very important to be focused and responsible when attending this school. If you are the type of student who does not know how to prioritize your life, this school will definitely be a struggle. Therefore, if you are dependent on others to tell you when you need to study, this school will not only be difficult, but a huge adjustment. You must be able to recognize when it is time to have fun and when it is time to focus on your work. Without being able to balance the two, it will be difficult to get very far.


I can't speak from personal experience because I have not yet attended this school but I would have to say that somebody who does not easily handle pressure or a lot of stress should attend this school because there seems to be a large courseload that is difficult. Any time you have to deal with a large courseload you have to be able to balance that with other aspects of your life as well so a student that attends ACPHS should have good time menagement skills.


Partiers shouldn't attend this school.


People should attend this school only if they are positive they know they want to be a pharmacist. You need to be extremely focused on school work here.


The type of person that should not attend Albany College of Pharmacy are those that are not career oriented and are not very focussed on doing well. This school requires alot of work and there is not much time to slack off. This school is not for those that are not sure what they want to do for the rest of their life.


If you are an artistic or creative person, this is not the school for you. This school is very academically focused and offers little to no classes that might enhance one's creativity or artistic skills. Also, people who like to be socially active during the school period will be disappointed if they came to this college.


People who don't like sciences should not attend Albany college of pharmacy.


A person who does not want to study should never attend this school, it is very academically involved.