Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My senior self spent countless hours looking at colleges which were high ranked on typical "college listing" sites. While this seemed like a good idea at the time for post-graduatation job placement, it stressed the first half of my senior year. College is not about rank, its not about who does the most book learning; rather, it is a life experience that lets you be on your own and truly discover who you are as an individual. I did manage to get into some top-ranked schools, but I do not regret rejecting the offer of acceptance. I knew after visiting that ACPHS was the university that would let me grow into myself; there was no competition among my schools from which to choose. If I could go back I would tell myself to apply to more schools which fit my personality and learning style and remove colleges to which I applied based solely on rank. College years are some of the greatest years pople have in there lives and its important that those years are spent doing what you love, not reminding yourself how "great" your school is according to polls and rankings.


I would tell myself to learn how to study because not studying much in high school really hurt me the first few weeks here. I would also tell myself to enjoy the simplicity of high school because college moves much faster and it is a lot easier to get behind.


Given that my experience after high school involved transfering between two colleges, I would advise myself to apply directly to the second college, Albany College of Pharmacy. While I did enjoy my time at the first college, the task of adapting to a new environment farther away from home seemed more frustrating after I learned that most of the credits I had earned by that point could not successfully be transferred. After explaining to myself that using one school as a stepping stone to another simply makes matters more complicated than they need to be, I would also encourage myself to take more challenging classes even in my final year of high school to avoid becoming complacent. As I have discovered recently, college courses such as Physics are considerably difficult without any prior background knowledge of the subject. Such simple advice would likely have spared me from the misfortune of obtaining a few less-than-ideal grades that could easily have been much better.


"School is important. You have big dreams and I know you can reach those dreams because of the dedication within you. Never lose hope when the journey gets tough, but remember to keep your eyes on the finish line. Through all of this, do not lose yourself as a person, and lastly, give yourself a break when you most need it because you deserve it." These are the exact words I would tell myself as a high school senior. Since I could remember, school has always been a priority in my life, so much that I sometimes forget I need to give my mind and my body a break. I realize that when I struggle I cannot always beat myself up over it. As long as I try my best, that is what truly matters. Although I was never given this advice before starting college, I am content to have learned all of this throughout my college experience. I would take this advice and not only give it to high school me, but I would give it every other high school student as well.


I wouldnt change a thing about my life or how I have done things in my life. I have faced many challenges due to a heart defect which required me to have 2 open heart surgeries and one more in my future. I would tell myself, just to continue to work hard like i always have. I have always taken my education very seriously. Just dont get caught up in to much of the partying, you can have fun in college, but my future is what I make it. Noone else, just me!!! Always remember where I came from and what I was taught, right from wrong and just follow my heart.


If I was in high school all over again, I'd give myself plenty of advice. For starters, I'd tell myself to be friends with the people I am friends with now and to not trust other people that don't want the best for me. I'd tell myself that popularity gets you no where and that majority of the people I want to be friends with, are losers and mean. I would tell myself that family is everything and to not argue so much with my parents. Next, I would spend more time with my little sister. I definitely would have forced myself to cheer each year of highschool, and to never hang out with people who do drugs. I would make myself try 100% harder in school, because I probably could've been validictorian. I wish that I wouldn't have cared about other people, so I would make myself forget the people who hurt me. Lastly, I would let myself know that boys are trouble, and to only focus on my success and COLLEGE!


To the past David -- If you're really a high school senior, that's flat out amazing, because you and I both know you never got to your senior year in high school. No, you went on ahead and got your GED in your sophomore year. School was too problematic for you, because the school refused to accomodate your depression and anxiety, despite them giving you an Individualized Education Plan that promised certain benefits for your needs. Anyways, things now are ten times better. I am happy and content, and am most likely going to get to go to our dream university, the University of Amsterdam, to study English Language and Culture. The lasting impact on world literature we dream of is finally going to happen. Just keep your head up, pal. Things are going to get much, much better. Much obliged, Future David


Do not freak out when you get a bad grade. Be prepared to fail. It is part of being in college. You may have gotten all A’s in high school but now the workload is harder and there is more studying to do. Do not be afraid to ask for help from your professors or other students because chances are you are not the only student who is not doing well academically.


Throughout my three year of college, I realized importance of academics and relaxation. As a pharmacy student, studying and homework became my first priority. Although studying may seem dull, it is actually quite fun. Everyday, I am face with a different challenge and something new to learn as my professors introduce a topic to the class. As each year goes by, the workload becomes heavier and the stress starts to add up little by little. But all this is worth it in the end knowing that I will receive a PharmD degree upon graduation and that I will be able to reach for my goal to become a pharmacist at a women's and children's hospital. My school prepares each student for the future, and it stresses the importance of our career. Even though the workload is excessive, the school tries to alleviate our stress by introducing us to a variety of outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and hikes. All this gave me a wonderful college experience, I learned that academics is important, but playing is also needed in life. In short, "Work hard, play hard" is the balance a student needs to become successful.


What i have gotten out of being at Pace University is that they hold your hand and help you through the preogression into college. It is also a very small community but it is better that way. Pace has helped me figure out what i want to do in my life and has pushed me through challenges academy and to heights were i never thought id be. If i had gone somewhere else i wouldnt think i would of become as successful as i am.


The one thing that I have learned from my college experience is to lead. I am a very shy and quiet person, but this school has turned me into a person that is able to lead a whole group of people. I have gained respect from others and the ability to excel in my future career to lead others to better health. It has been valuable to attend college because as a proud 22 year old women I have a future. If I was not in the United States, I would have not gone to college. I would have been married by the age of 18 and would have been a good housewife. Now I am able to say that I have a career rather than just staying home and watching the children, cooking and cleaning. It is very valuable for me to have a college experience because as a Hindu woman, I can extend my knowledge not only to my family but also to the rest of the community. To me, being a leader in the community is an honorable position.


I have attended three different colleges, all for different majors. Each one has taught me how much passion I have for all the interest in my lives. I have never wanted to stop at knowing one topic, I want to know them all. Each time I go to a different college I make new friends, learn new information, and they usually open up a new door of opportunities and interest that I have. Right now I am doing my college online and it has taught me alot of responsibility and time management. I have to stay focued and not allow myself to put my school work aside, since I do not have someone there with a due date.


My college experience has exposed me to a variety of new challenges. I have learned the meaning of hard work and responsibility. In order to succeed I had to step up my performance and rise to the challenge of the coursework at Albany College of Pharmacy. I am learning what I am capable of and to be proud of my accomplishments. I am gaining friends and relationships that may last me a lifetime. Part of this college experience is learning to work as a team, watching out for one another, while at the same time trying to excell and achieve personal goals. At college I am learning to be an independent and capable individual, making my own decisions and shaping my own future. My college experience is allowing me to grow as a person and as part of a community. I am learning skills as a leader and a team member. I am molding myself into a productive part of the school community and a role model for others. I am proud of my accomplishments in college so far and look forward to the challenges and accomplishments that lie ahead of me.


Thus far my college experience at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences has been nothing less than stellar. The nature of the school is what makes it so enjoyable. Although the academic rigor often times causes stress and results in lots of time studying, it all pays off with a degree from this school because student alwyas can find a job post graduation. This alone gives me the motivation to put in the work now, regardless of how hard and consuming it may be. I know that when I graduate I will find and excellent job and I will be one hundred percent prepared for it. My college experience has also been enhanced through my involvement. I am part of the soccer team, I am a Student Ambassador, and I am also a peer mentor. Involvement keeps me busy, but allows me to make new friend, blow off some steam from time to time, and msot importantly have fun. Without involvement my college experience would not be nearly as fulfilling or enjoyable. If I had to choose a college again, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences would be, without a doubt, my number one choice.


After only being in my college for alittle over one year of the six I have to attend here, I have obtained much from my college. I have gained much knowlage about the career I am pursing in just a little over a year, all about the the many fields and different directions the career choices as well as much about the human body and medical field. A big skill I have picked up and will be focused on much more in the future is that of public speaking. Being a pharmacist requires much interaction and helping of other people so I have gained much people skills and vocal abilities in front of others while attending this school. All of the qualities from this school have their ups and downs but they are all mainly focused on provided the students with the best education and skills needed for the profession that the schools foundation is based on, and thats pharmacy. This school experience has been valuable for me to attend because I am gaining the education that I need to become the best pharmacist that I can be to help others in the future.


I have learned how much one’s pharmaceutical expertise and strong devotion to social work can positively change society. I became more excited about my major thanks to the professors because I could feel their passion for medicine and philanthropy emanating from their presence. Thier passion and integrity motivated me and made me think what i would want to do later as a pharmacist. Following their footsteps, I wish to contribute and serve the people by studying pharmacy. But I believe my path can be far more global in scope. In our increasingly integrated, globalized world, I believe my calling is global philanthropy, and I wish to serve the poorest sections of the world through organizations such as UNICEF or WHO. As a member of the global community, I must fight this war against the vicious cycle of poverty and disease in various parts of our world. I am confident that the zeal and devotion that I inherited from my grandmother will motivate me to excel and achieve the opportunities that I need in order to fulfill my dreams and visions of global philanthropy.


After I began to attend Everest College I grew up as a person and as a proffesional. I learned to appriciate medacine and my superiors in a whole new level. I have been learning so much in so little time and it just keeps getting better. I learned to love what I am learning and appreciate all the information in a way i would have never before. It has been so valuable to me and my loved ones to grown up so fast while attending college. I'm gaining so much from this experience and i have so much more to gain.


My college experience so far has been beyond words. At first I was scared beyond anything to be in such a large school with new people and exceptionally hard classes. I thought it would be impossible for me to do as well as I have. While I have had a few problem classes where I did not do as well as I had hoped, I have also had classes i excelled in. Particularly, the classes in my major were awesome. I think my time in college has been valuable to me for a couple of reasons. firstly, to help my time management skills, which, in my limited high school experience, did not exist at all. I also learned a lot about my own personal character in my first few semesters of college. I learned that I am definitly in the right major, and that some professors are horrible at their job. I also learned that there are amazing professors who can do wonders with one class. Basically college has been an amazing experience so far and I'm seriously looking foreward to next fall when I transfer to West Cherster University.


My college experience has been valuable to me because I know when I finish college that I will have a great career path waiting for me. Pharmacists are always needed and are very significant in the health field. I will be full of knowledge in wish I can share with the rest of the world. I want to be able to help as many people as I can. By being a pharmacist, I hope to have positive impact on my community by providing people with my knowledge and care. I love working with people and talking to them. The most exciting part about being a pharmacist is having the knowledge to know that the drugs being prescribed will help the patient live a better quality of life. I have also learned how to manage my time so I can get all of my work done and still have time for the clubs and activities I participate in, such as the outdoor club and the basketball team. I am learning a new world of cultures and opinions that have opened my own way of thinking. But most importantly, I am being prepared the the reality of the real world.


College for me, as for many others, was the beginning to my path to adulthood. Albany College of Pharmacy taught me not just about the molecular composition of the drugs we all know and love but also opened my eyes to various world cultures and their rich histories. Although the institution is known as a "College of Pharmacy", it could also be called a "College of Growth and Support", "of Lasting Friendships", even "of True Love." Even though many of these names may not seem to have any significance at first glance, they've been elements imperative to my success at school; without the good friends I made and the supportive professors I've had the joy of learning from, my positive experience at Albany College of Pharmacy would most likely have been diminished.


My college experience has taught me how to manage my time wisely, study effectively, and seek help when I need it. Pharmacy school consists of a demanding and fast pace curriculum. The frustration I’ve experienced has led me to stop and think about how much time is needed to complete each task, and how many tasks I can complete in one day. I’ve learned to schedule out each day and write down everything that needs to be done. This has helped tremendously in staying caught up in each of my classes. By managing my time efficiently, I am now able to study effectively. There is no more fooling around while trying to study, because I am on a schedule. I can always seek help from my friends when the workload seems impossible. They have different ways to study and I am always using their ideas to help make my study time more effective. Time management and effective study habits are crucial. Learning and utilizing these two skills are something I will carry with me through school and eventually my career as a pharmacist.


I am going to school to become an Elementary Teacher. The first two classes I took were a Math and P.E. The P.E. class was the most interesting because I learned a lot of things that I never knew before in life and about how younger ones react to different things. So my college experience has been great so far and I have a good feeling the whole thing is going to be great experience. I am hoping by the time that I am done I will beable to teach kids in Elementary school as well as my own kids when I have them.


I have found there are so many people out there who not only care about the world and health care but are willing to get an education in the field to try to make the world a better place. These people are loving and caring and would help anyone that needs it. The teachers at ACPHS go beyond their abilities to help out their students in any way possible whether it be in the classroom or personal problems. I'm glad I am able to attend ACPHS because I could not ask for a better quality of people and I believe I am getting the best possible education for my intended future goals.


College is the source of knowledge that will lead to successes and acomplishments. My experience has been educational and interesting. I tool International Baccaluareate classes in high school, therefore, I have had the college experience in High School. Therefore, it does not seem extremely hard. However, I have accomplished to dedicate more time and effort into college and am becoming successful in my college life. College is extremely valuable to me becuase I believe knowledge is the only key that will confront any challenge or risk. Education is my main priority in life and I will dedicately fulfill it, with all my efforts.


My college experience has been very valuable to me. I have made many new friends and learned very good lessons about life. When it was time to decided where I wanted to go to college, I had expressed to my parents that I wanted to go to a community college to save money but they insisted that I go away to college to get the full college experience. However, I wasn't one of those students who could balance the experience with the school work. Two years later I took a semester off to work. I went back and tried to buckle down and get good grades. My roomates however, were not students and I ended up leaving because I couldnt concentrate living where I did. After coming back home without a degree I knew I couldn't just not get one. So I went back one class at a time and am now in the midst of getting a degree. I am very excited to get my degree and move on to the next chapter in my life.


There is a very long list of things that I have gotten out of my college experience with just a few being the friends, professors, and classmates I have met along the way. I have learned that in the right environment it is easy to admit when you don't know because you are there to learn and understand. I have learned that I will never know and remember everything but I will always have my friends and collegues to help me out. It is a difficult lesson to learn but being independent doesn't mean that you can never ask for help and is, in fact, a sign of maturity. College has been a valuable experience that I wouldn't pass up on; you learn not only about the classes you attend but about the bureaucracy that can get outright ridiculous. You learn to laugh at the next silly thing they decide is necessary because it is out of your control. You make friends for life as you study for hours for the next exam or run over to the student center to get a meal. You learn the importance of community in your residence hall and your campus.


As a senior in high school, my mail box filled with college brochures that attempted to familiarize me with each campus and the various opportunities their institution had to offer. Now, as a college student, I realize just how little these colorful publications indicated what was awaiting me this fall. I have found that college is not just an “institute of higher learning” — rather, an experience. The college experience is defined by once in a lifetime opportunities. Opportunities on the college campus range from sports and religious groups, to a unique social atmosphere, and recently discovered freedom. Truly, college offers something for everyone. The skills and knowledge that a person acquires during a college education are beneficial in both the personal and professional worlds. Besides the personal experience that shapes the college students personality and perspective of life, college degree holder will earn significantly more money than the average high-school educated worker. Though a college is expensive, it pales in comparison to the cost of ignorance. If you think the price of an education is expensive, try the price of ignorance. You pay for education once; you pay for ignorance everyday for the rest of your life.


I attend school out of state. By going to Albany College of Pharmacy, I have learned to be more mature and responsible. I have to take care of myself for over half of the year. I am responsible for everything I do and there is no family here to help. I learned that I am responsible for my own actions. I have to keep a certain GPA to stay here and it is up to me to get myself to class and do my work. I also learned that it is ok to ask for help. I used to think I could do everything on my own. Once I started struggling my first year, I realized I needed tutoring. It was hard to get myself to go, but I am so glad I did. If I did not ask for help, I would not be at this school today.


One of the most valuable things I learned this year at college was time management. This is a skill which is very important in college as well as after college. College is the first real step when a child becomes an adult and having so much freedom can become overwhelming. There are so many things to do such as hanging out with friends, going to parties, sports that sometimes it’s easy to lose track of school work. This is where time management comes into play. I learned that even though ACP may not be the easiest school to attend it is still possible to have fun and still get good grades if you manage your time wisely. Another important thing that I learned at ACP was how to act as a professional. Soon after I began college I realized how my classmates and I were no longer treated as children. We had our own responsibilities and nobody was babysitting us anymore. I think this as well as the professional demeanor demanded by our teachers made us grow up fast. We soon learned how to be professionals without losing our own identity.


From my college experience, I learned the aspect of responsibility and diligence with my school work and social life. Early within my college experience, I recognized the importance of obtaining an education that will help me improve my skills to excel in the workforce. I learned it was imperative to study the course material everyday and complete every assignment with much effort on time. Also, I learned to implement new study skills by reading the material, asking myself questions, joining study groups, and performing practice exams with good test-taking skills. Within my social life, I learned to make great friends with the same intentions I have in life. In addition, I learned to abstain from the negativities in life such as drug use, alcohol, and criminal activity. The most critical aspect I learned from college is to maintain my connection with my faith by attending service and reading the Holy Bible. Ultimately, college has taught me principles academically, personally, and spiritually to excel in the field of pharmacy. Pharmacy school has taught me to help patients with their health problems and improve their way of life by making the right ethical decisions.


First, I have knowledge that I never had before. The classes that I have taken have given me information that I will use, or may not use, but will make me a more sustantial person. Second, I have learned that I can achieve things that I never even dreamed about. With this being my second attempt at college, my first attempt did't turn out so well, I have made the Dean's List or the President's List every single semester. I brought my GPA from a 1.82 to a 3.35 in two years. This is a huge accomplishment for a wife, mother, employee, and student. Third, I have been able to show my son that, no matter what happens, he can accomplish any and all goals that he will set for himsef as long as he is committed and he does his best. These are the three main achievments that I have gotten out of college and makes my college career much more valuable.


Even though I have only been in college for two years I have already learned a lot about myself. I went to a very large high school, with a graduating class of 730 students. In high school I always felt like one in the crowd and did not feel like I took advantage of all of the possible opportunities. Upon entering college I was still very shy but knew that this was the time to find who I am. I allowed myself to join clubs and attend events by myself, which is something I would never have done while in high school. The confidence I gained throughout my first year led me to apply for a job with residents life. I am now a resident assistant for incoming freshmen in order to help them with all the things I have faced. I now have enough confidence to lead orientation programs and events throughout the year so that others can find themselves just as I did. I believe that this is extremely valuable and I look forward to learning even more about myself while continuing my college experince through the next 3 years.


My college experience has given me a lot more than I have ever expected. I thought that I was going to go to college and gain valuable information to futher my success for my long term career. But, I quickly found out that my college experience has given me valuable life skills. College has taught me how to approach deal with and love people of different personalities, backgrounds, and morals. I have learned to move past physical features of a person and really learn about that persons struggles, life, wishes and dreams. Gaining these skills has turned me into a more caring, kinder and open minded person. It is very important as a soon to be health care professional to have acquired an attitude that is not judgemental, so I am able to help patients in need instead of having my health care advice be clouded by negative and narrow minded thoughts. Also, my new found attitude due to college experiences has given me a better self esteem, not being so self critical of myself like many girls my age. I have found peace, harmony and a healthy balance in my life.


My first year at Albany College of Pharmacy has left me with many new experiences and lessons thati am happy to have learned. Beyond the hours on end of studying stressing for the intense tests and labs, i have learned to prepare and endure for the work to come. I have learned your grade is reflected by the amont of labor you place in preparation. I learned independence from my family always being around can be a blessing but there are sometimes with I need them. I learned the best friends in college are the ones who will stay up for 4 hours straight and wake up at 6am just to study with you (this has happened) because you desperately need a good grade. I learned working together can help you succeed and to not be afraid to sound unintelligent. everybody has questions. College has been incredibly influencial to my life. Not only have i met some great friends and teachers, but i have also learned lessons that carry out into my life. I can honestly say that i would not have experienced these lessons in any other place in life. College, however, is only the beginning of life experiences.


So far I have received a lot of life experiances. I have met new people who I will continue to keep in touch with for the rest of my life. I have received direction in what I truely want to do with my life and I think that that is as good a start as anyone can ask for.


My experience here at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences has taught me the value of hardwork and its importance in the learning process. The curriculum is strenuous and intense and in order to be successful you must be strong at managing your free time with your studies and always keep your priorities straight. Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is not the typical college life experience that most students wish to have in their college years. I have learned that if properly managed, it is to have both the necessary free time as well as do well in school. These are valuable lessons that will continue to be beneficial throughout the entirety of my career as well as when i begin a family.


I have gained valuable knowledge throughout the two years that I have completed at college thus far. I have become much better at time management and have also learned how to balance what is important to me. I know that school work comes first which is followed by basketball, but that is a choice that I have made because it is something I enjoy doing. Albany College of Pharmacy is aware that there is a small chance that any athletes will become professional athletes, therefore they allow the chance for students to still participate in sports but have a larger focus on school and finishing their degree. To me this is a valuable lesson, while growing up people typically want to be someone famous and put school on the back burner but here we focus on getting a degree and becoming people that will better the community while at school and after graduation.


In the midst of completing my full college experience, it has proven to be a valuable opportunity to me in many ways. At Albany College of Pharmacy I have been able to tutor as well as mentor struggling students that are having diffucilty in adapting to the rigourous curriclum of a future pharmacy proffesion. Although it is unforunate that some students are unsuccesful, being able to help students is what I have found to be my way of reaching out to new and different people. This has been a valuable experience to me through the gratification of being able to assist others in attaining there goals of being a pharmacy, and making their college experience a little bit easier and more enjoyable along the way. Balancing this, along with my own academics has also been a valuable teaching tool, and I believe has better prepared for a demanding job world.


My college experience has been one of the best things I have experienced in my entire life. I have learned more so far than in all my years of high school. I have learned the benefits of hard work and have made friends I know I will have for the rest of my life. Going to college has allowed me to meet many different people from many different places and learn things about them that have changed my entire perspective on how I think of people. There are things I now know I want to accomplish in my life that i can accredit to my time in college. What I have experienced in college thus far has been extremely valuable in allowing me to complete my degree and let me eventually begin a very promising career helping those around me. I would not change my college experience at Albany College of Pharmacy for anything.


Coming from a very small rural school, with a graduating class of 84 students, to even this relatively small campus, was a huge change for me. The classes, which are average for most people, of 30 students, and the lectures with the entire class, where a drastic change. The other major change was the cultural diversity. In my graduating class there was only one Asian as a minority, everyone else was white. Suddenly I was among people of a huge array of different backgrounds and religions. Although the education has been valuable, which at the cost to attend it should be, the personal interactions I’ve had have been by far the most valuable of all. I have met and befriended people from such diversity of cultures, I feel it has enhanced my awareness of the rest of the world, even though I am only on a small private campus.


The thing I have gotten most out of my college experience is an improved work ethic. In high school I always managed to get good grades just by showing up and doing the minimal work. It is not like that in college. In college I have had to put in several hours of work a night and more so on the weekends. Because of this I have improved my time management, being able to put the work in I need to and still have fun with friends. The other thing I have taken is I now understand what it feels like to truly earn my grades. Specifically, I put more work into Organic Chemistry than any class before, and I was thrilled to see the results. All of these skills I have learned and harnessed are skills that will stay with me throughout life. I will continue to utilize them till the day I die, and that has to be the most valuable thing I have taken from attending Albany College of Pharmacy. These are skills that are specific to each student, and to be able to say I have found mine is a great accomplishment.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience here at ACPHS. They taught me that success doesn't come easy you really need to work for it. ACPHS is a challenging school and that can be good and bad. Its good in the way that I am career focused and want to have a bright future as a Doctor of Pharmacy. However, it can be bad in a way that sometimes I have absolutely no social life. But I take it for what its worth, which is overall a good school. It will get me very far in life and sometimes you need that extra push and focus to teach you what's important.


Being a high school senior I only needed to complete a few required classes to graduate. After much consideration, I determined that it would be in my best interest to attend my local state university taking classes that would assist or enhance my future endeavors at Albany College of Pharmacy,. Having completed one year at SUNY Oswego will allow me to ease into my freshman year of Pharmacy School by taking fewer courses and it has given me valuable exposure to collegiate level course work. These are experiences that many other college freshmen don’t have. At first, I was only going to take a couple classes each semester but after talking to the SUNY Oswego Admissions Office I found that if I enrolled as a fulltime student I would be eligible for a Presidential Scholarship which would allow me to take five class for the total cost of taking two part time. classes. Thus, I was able to complete high school and 30 hours as a fulltime student at SUNY Oswego, I believe that this accomplishment was the best preparatory option before enrolling in Pharmacy school.


Until I had attended college, I had never known how it would be like to live alone. But now college has taught me how to live on my own, care for myself and also helped interact with others other than the people I already know.


The most valuable experience I have received from college is becoming more of an adult. Going to a new city and having to become friends with new people is a difficult task in itself. In addition, living by myself for the first time also requires a bit of getting used to. When that is coupled with the rigorous coursework it can be a lot for anyone to handle. College teaches you how to manage all these aspects of your life. Time management in my opinion is the most important skill anyone can gain; Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences stresses this fact. By offering various seminars on effective time management strategies it makes the situation seem slightly less stressful. What I've learned is that you have to be able to work hard but also enjoy yourself when time permits. I feel as if I am more prepared for the real world after completing these two years of college.


What i have gotten out of the college experiance so far is that even though i took a break from school to figure out where i stand and what i going back with a clearer view of what my goals are and now i know what i want out of school and i am thinking very seriously about it. i think that where i am right now is exactly where i am supposed to be in my college studies. I only wish to be able to continue going to school and finding ways to pay for it!


My college experience so far at the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACPHS) has been both fulfilling and valuable. Not only have I improved academically but also with the way I now view certain aspects of life. The experience has made me a more rational being that thinks thoroughly before acting. My experience from college has made me to be more responsible and to realize that success can only be achieved by hard work. For instance, at the ACPHS, nobody will ask you to attend lectures or to study your notes. That doesn’t remove the fact that you are held accountable for the tests that come up. Where you happen to fail, you will be placed on probation and possibly released by the school. At ACPHS, I was made to realize that respect for patient is highly important. Such respect could be in ways of keeping the patient’s information confidential or providing adequate healthcare. That idea has made me to even have more respect for anybody around me. In our soccer team, I was made to realize how vital it is to stand by my teammates. That made me to look out for people around me.


After obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Biology in 2009, I have since re-applied to pharmacy school and got accepted to ACPHS. While school is about academics, it teaches you a lot about your strengths as a person. I have found that there is always going to be another student or professor that is going to make you feel insecure or inferior and it is up to you (the student) to not let that define you. College has taught me that for the first time, you are responsible for yourself and if you want something you have to go after it, it's not going to fall in your lap. College has allowed me to find my own way and has given me the opportunity to figure out a career path that I may not have decided on without going to college. Attending college has given me carrer opportunitues, allowed me to make many professional connections that have gotten me accepted into pharmacy school. I honestly do not believe I would have successfully achieved this without all of these strengths I have obtained from my college experience.


College has helped to to grow up both as a citizen and as an adult. It has helped further my knowledge of the world around me and exposes me to something new almost everyday. College is making me into a well rounded person that will help contribute to today's society. My college experience has taught me great time management with balancing hockey, work, and school while keeping a 3.5 gpa. College will continue to infuence me throughout the rest of my education and even beyond.


Winston Churchill once said, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” I truly believe that to work through strife is the only way for one to realize their true ability. It took one acceptance from the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences to lay out the first stepping-stone to my personal redemption. Since I have attended this college I've seen myself blossom into the student I knew I could be. I’ve found meaning and personal value in my work. I can honestly say I've never studied this hard before in my past studies but I enjoy it. I love that my efforts have positive results towards my grades. I am feeling positive about my future and my self-esteem. I achieve success by keeping up with my readings, asking the professors questions in office hours and working with my peers. I try everyday to discover new ways to improve the ways I learn. I have never been on the Dean’s list before and now I can say I have for last semester and potentially this semester. This experience has not been easy but it has been a great one.