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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My college experience has opened my eyes to the real world. Pharmacy started off as a great field because I loved science and math and was academically sound in those subjects, and now its become a lifelong mission to helping people. As I've gone through the past three years in of school, I've found a new driving force. Pharmacy is no longer for me, but for my future patients. I want to finish school and absorb every piece of knowledge I can, so I can truly help my patients live the best quality life. My career goal is to become a clinical pharmacist, which allows me to work directly with physicians and patients. This will allow me to develop unique care plans for each patient. I want to specialize in acute care medicine, which handles the most critical care patient’s therapeutics. This field truly requires my focus and dedication to my academics, and I will embark on this life long journey with my whole heart and mind.


I know that most people say they have learned dicipline, time management and how to stay focused at college, but I agree with them. I came from a very small town, with a very small highschool. I graduated with 77 people and did not struggle with one aspect of my curriculum before highschool graduation. My freshman year at college my new two best friends failed out first semester, and I only got a little higher than was neccesary to remain at ACP. From then on I knew something had to change, and ever since that first semester I have made deans list. Each year as the curriculum gets harder my GPA gets higher. I have really learned how to balance my school and my social life and for that I am very satisfied. I never imagined I would have the great memories that I do with my college friends at a school that was once so intimidating. I feel that I can accomplish anything, like everyone says "if i put my mind to it". However I really do believe these things and I have loved every second my of college experience!


My two years at Albany College of Pharmacy has taught me how to be humble and how there is always room for improvement. I graduated from my high school as salutatorian, 2nd in rank. Thus, i went into college with very high expectations about my progress and how i would do academically. However, i didn't do so well. Not that i didn't work hard, but i had to adjust my studying style such that i was on the same page as everyone else around me. I had really poor grades my first year, which really humbled me and reminded me that no matter how bright a person might be, one has to constantly work hard t improve themselves. College taught me how one has to adapt to new environments and learn something valuable from every small mistake. Each mistake is a reminder that there is so much that we can work hard on and improve about ourselves.


There are many experiences that i have gotten from my college. The good experience is that I am able to become a person I am today. Let me briefly describe from begining of my first year of college. When I first attended at my college, I was a brand new student and also an immigrant who have no english background and this is one of my bad experience, but through my four year in college I have gain my english, my independent, able to help other students like me, interact with other students such as joining in Asian American club, Pre-Health association, Chemistry-Science Tutoring center, and many others. I start at an immigrant student who have no knowlege of english and become a well know Chemistry tutor in my entire college. What i got today is the most valuable, because without my college experiences and what I went through I would not be Who I am today, a student who graduated with honor and also got an award from chemistry department that only give out to two students per year.


I have always wanted to be a pharmacist and i was very estattic when i got into pharmacy school. My dreams however almost turned into a nightmare when i started taking class. Everybody complained about how difficult it is to make it through pharmacy school. I told myself that if other people have been able to make it , then i dont see why i could not do it too. One thing i have learned in college is that determination is the key to success. Everybody can become whatever they want to become if they focus on their goals. Today i am going to my fourth year and i have been able to make it this far with determination and discipline. I did not let people 's idea about pharmacy school influence me. I came to school to suceed and it was my mind set to make to the end. I have realised we have to believe in ourselves for others to believe in us. We have to be optimistic that we can do anything if we strive hard.


My experience at this college has been great so far. I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend a pharmacy school since it has been my dream since the beginning of my highschool career. The teachers and staff are friendly and always willing to help. This school has taught me that hard work is necessary and required for a successful future. Tutors are avaliable every week during the school year to help anyone in need. This school has also given me the chance to make longlasting friendships. I believe that this school will lead me to a great future in a carreer that I love. A career in pharmacy is especially important and rewarding to me because I will be able to help save the lives of others. By working one on one with patients, I will be able to inform them about the most important necessity in life: their health. I believe that helping others is very rewarding and I could not imagine getting my degree as a pharmacist in any other college than Albany College of Pharmacy.


Starting at a Community College was the one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. I have been fortunate enough to live at home and pay a lot less than I would at a University, for the same education. Starting at a South Seattle Community College has also taught me how to be a good college student, and how to prepare for the tough classes I will have at a University. I have formed good study habits, met some amazing friends, and been inspired by caring teachers. Another great Community College advantage is that classes are much smaller than those at Universities. Students are able to have one on one time with teachers, ask questions in class and get the personal attention they need to succeed. Community Colleges also have plenty of great advisors to help stear you in the right direction and make an easy transition to a University. Starting at South Seattle Community College has been a great experience for me, and I know I am prepared to move onto a University.


The most important thing that I have gotten out of my college experience so far is a great sence of pride. I attend a hard school and am entering into a very promising profession and this makes me feel very good. I enjoy to looks and expressions of awe when people find out that I am attending school to become a pharmacist, most people veiw it as a prestigues job. Also attending this school has taught me a lot about time management and setting priorities which are things that will aid me throughout my life. Due to the fact that my work load is high and demanding I have been forced to really figure out what is important in life which is my education. So while my friends went out I stayed home and studied because that is what had to be done to get good grades and that is my top priority.


My college experience has taught me to never give up. A pharmacist is something that I never aspired to be until highschool when my father fell ill. At the time I was 15 and as I watched his symptoms from the early stages to when he passed away I thought, "If only I was a few years older and knew more." Getting accepted into Albany College of Pharmacy was the best thing that has happened to me. Classes were hard I came back home and always said the same thing, I have learned so much from school. It was hard to adjust to first year, the proof of that being when I failed General Chemistry II and had to take it over the summer. Now I am going into my first professional year where the classes will be even more challenging but I will not give up. With the tools and services that the professors and advisors have given me, I will create my path to success. Because of ACP, I know that I will become someone who my father would have been proud of and a person that gives their all to help others. I will never give up!


The biggest thing I have learned at my school is that noone is going to watch out for you if you don't watch your own back. The school has safety checks for people who care, but if you don't take the initiative to really learn for yourself, and put yourself where you need to be, there's no safety net because you failed in your own responsibilities, and I've seen this happen over and over again with so many of my friends having failed out. The way that this school works is the same way the working world is going to work, pay your dues and do what you need to do, or you're simply not going to make it, end of story.


I have gotten the credentials necessary to suceed in pharmay school. It is valuble to attend pharmacy school because pharmacists are needed all over the world.


I have not started college yet. My family was not able to send me to college so I 've been working a full time job trying to to get myself in order. But I would go back and tell myself to try harder for the good grade. Life does not work by the skin of your teeth. Thank You Coty luke


There are so many things I wish someone would've mentioned to me when I was in high school, but like many other seniors, I probably would've ingored the advice anyways. To begin with, don't spend your senior year wishing it away. Instead, utilize the time to explore various campuses and career options. State schools may not be ivy league schools, but they can provide you with good education at an affordable cost. Get a job or an internship in the area you wish to pursue to be sure that's really what want to do. Take advantage of opportunities presented and maximize resources provided. Get to know faculty on a personal level-they are a great resource. Participate in various school activities and societies that will benefit you and your career. And most importantly, DO NOT procrastinate. Your wasting your time learning things short term only to pass a test. Study daily to keep things in long term memory so that you can build a foundation for continual learning-your job will thank you.


I just complete my first semester in college. It was a big wake up call for me. Like most 18 years old I associate college life with freedom from home and party all the time. I discover a different reality. You are on your own, no parents to wake you up in the morning when you oversleep. You have no one to help you manage your time and most of the time bad time management can result in missing classes and failing test. My big advice to myself as a high school senior is to take more AP classes and also the SAT 2 biology. As I am getting ready to start my second semester my advice to myself is to try not to procrastinate and to use my time wisely.


The college experience is comparable to the process of making a good friend; it takes time to find one worth spending time with, requires you to analyze desirable and undesirable characteristics, and guarantees to change your life. Therefore, while trying to find the best college for you, find one that will treat you like a friend, too; find a college that wants to have you around, just as you are, will treat you right, and doesn't just befriend you for your money. Also, look at that college's other "good friends," the ones that already hang out around the college; consider whether this is a group of friends that you want to spend the next few years with. If the college meets these requirements, congratulations- you found the right one. At college, make the most of it by including three essential components: academics, fun, and sleep. Do not allow any part to prevent you from participating in another component. Missing out on any detracts from the overall experience. Above all, make the most of it by finding a place where you want to be now, and that will help you arrive where you want to be in the future.


When looking for a college, make sure you visit the campus and talk with actual students that go to the school. Students are the people who really know what it is like. Think about what you want to gain out of your college experience before attending and if you have a career in mind make sure that the school you choose offers that major. Think about if you are the kind of person who likes to go home on the weekends and the location of your school. All of these decisions will help you gain the most out of your college experience.


I would tell them to find a college that offers stuff that interests them and that has a lot of stuff going on. They need to find a college that has a good balance of academics and fun.