Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love the professors and how they are committed in seeing the students achieve their career goals. Many of them know what we are going through and are always happy to help.


The faculty are very friendly and approachable at my school, most faculty and professors have open office hours.They try their best to help the student in any way possible. The reason why they promote this is because they want the students to have a successful college eperience and become great pharmacists after graduation.


Instead of just focusing solely on the intended programs, ACPHS offers its students a well rounded education no matter what the major. Humanities classes give the students the knowledge of worldly events of past and present. Other offered courses help students become well rounded individuals rather than just smart in the fields of science and health.


Although I have only attended Albany College of Pharmacy for one year I believe that it has been a very rewarding experience. One of the best features about ACP is that it does an excellent job preparing us for our post college lives. This is done by surrounding us in a professional environment. ACP has helped me personally grow and understand the many differences between attending high school and living in the real world. Along with helping us become better professionals, ACP provides us with many hands on projects helping us to become experienced in the field of pharmacy.


The best thing about my school is how close everyone gets. With such a small class people are there to help one another whether it is with academic issues or personal problems. Since the school is very specific with its subject matter the students that attend the school are very similar and have common interests.


The job outlook after completing school


The best thing about our school is that there is a huge cultural diversity. Coming from a small school with the majority being white, and one asian, I had never seen so many different ethnicities in one place. It's great to see them all working together for the same goal and to learn the similarities and differences in religions and cultures.


The best thing about our school is the fact that almost everyone is studying and taking the same courses. All of your friends are in the Pharm.D. program and your neighbors down the hall in the the residence hall are as well. This makes it easy to get help. The small size of the school is another good thing. Everyone pretty much knows each other. This is another way that makes getting help easy. Both of these contribute to the friendly atmosphere and the feeling that everyone is trying to help each other out.


I think the faculty is really the best thing about my school. The Albany campus faculty really care about thier students, and if you actively seek help, the professors will work thier hardest to see you through the course. Our curriculum is intense, there is 8 years worth the material squished into 6. If it wasn't for the compassionate faculty, many students wouldn't be able to blossom into strong, hard working professionals in the medical field.


my school is one of the cuny college that most of the classes are small and each class is about 20-28 students, this is one of the reason that i like about my school. For instance, I know all of my classmate very well and we usually study in group. Since the class is small, most of my professor have time to answer my questions without rushing. Basicly I like my school because of small class, professor spend more time for students, and students know each other well and we all study in group.


The best thing about my school is that it is small. You know most of your classmates and the buildings are in one centralized location.