Albertus Magnus College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Small class size, family like environment.


Art Therapy program.


My school is in the top 100 for graduating students in 2009, it is in the thirty's. It also has a great business program. It is also a small college that provides its students with alot of individual help and makes its students feel at home.


Best known for business, art, and science


Our school is best known for the diverse community, aesthetically pleasing location (surrounded by the yale campuses) and small, intimate classroom settings. However, it's now being known for the 'new dimensions program' which many professor's in our school will agree is giving hte school a bad name. The program allows for working adults (mostly of low-income salaries) to seek out financial aid to pay for their night classes and they are able to get a degree much more quickly than the day-time undergraduate students who actually have to put the work into it.

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