Albertus Magnus College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I enjoy the small class sizes, this allows the professors to get to know you.


The small class sizes; it allows you to develop an intimate relationship with your teachers. You're not just a number at Albertus! I also love how involved I've become and the experiences I've had with everyone that I have met!


Our dorms are mostly renovated mansions, and the Dominican history of our school is impressive. We have a lot of historical buildings and statues around our campus which gives it an impressive first impression. We are one of the few liberal art colleges that actually have nuns still living on our residences! The individual attention in our classrooms makes it very easy, and every professor probably knows the majoirty fo their students on a first and last name basis. It seems like it is almost a continuation directly out of high school, which has both positive and negative aspects.


The the classes are very small, and the professors actually know your name.


Faculty is very friendly and helpful. The class size is very small, never more than 20 students in a classroom.


The small class sizes as well as the community Theatre on Campus. Working at the Theatre is great experience! The teachers are very friendly and engaging as well. You can develop a friendship with your teachers, it's nicer than just being a number.


The school is friendly and offers a great academic program with a variety of majors. The professors are very well-trained in their areas of study as well.

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